Guess How Kevin Federline Spent His 40th Birthday Amid Child Support Battle With Britney Spears…

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It was Kevin Federline‘s 40th birthday this week, and he motionless to keep a celebration going all by a weekend… by streamer out to a many predicted place we could suppose him to be!

Britney Spears‘ ex — who, oh by a way, is in a center of a large child support conflict with her right now — took friends to only a kind of place you’d design a man fighting a child control conflict to be. (Not!)

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That’s right — on Saturday night, Federline and friends enjoyed his 40th festivities during Crazy Horse III, a world-renowned frame bar in Las Vegas! So predictable!!!

See that design adult top?! Well, here’s a full chronicle (below):

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Ha! Nothing utterly like $100 bills with your face on them to keep it grand while you’re out during the frame club.

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Isn’t that, like, a final thing we wish to be saying doing in a center of a public, drawn-out child support battle??

Just sayin’… thoughts???

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