Guard asked girl inmates for verbal sex, Australian exploration hears

Former ensure Conan Zamolo gives justification during a stately commissionImage copyright

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Conan Zamolo gives justification during a stately commission

A former ensure during an Australian girl apprehension centre has certified filming himself seeking teenage inmates for verbal sex.

Conan Zamolo’s testimony came during a stately elect exploration into girl apprehension in a Northern Territory.

The elect was launched final year after photos display inmates being strip-searched and placed in a separate hood drew widespread condemnation.

Mr Zamolo pronounced his requests for verbal sex were “a joke”.

“I was indeed only going to contend goodnight to them since we was withdrawal shift,” Mr Zamolo pronounced on Monday.

“I knew they’d take it as a joke, or we only insincere they would take it as a joke.”

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The inside of a Don Dale centre in a Northern Territory

Mr Zamolo also certified to propelling another invalid to eat faeces, and to filming a child urinating.

“At a time we didn’t consider it was inappropriate, though now we see how inapt it is,” he said.

He claimed he had a good attribute with a detainees.

The incidents happened during a Don Dale Youth Detention Centre, where Mr Zamolo worked from 2012 to 2014.

The Royal Commission into a Protection and Detention of Children in a Northern Territory follows widespread defamation of a diagnosis of detainees during Don Dale in 2014 and 2015.

In 2015, Amnesty International described a regime during a centre as “institutionalised brutality”, with teenagers being hold in unique capture with no entrance to light or H2O for prolonged periods.