‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Stars Jesse Williams and Sarah Drew on Apr and Jackson’s Big Step Forward

[This story contains spoilers from Grey’s Anatomy’s “Who Is He (and What Is He To You)?” episode.]

After mixed references over a years, ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy finally introduced Jackson’s father, Robert Avery, during Thursday’s bottle part that saw Apr and Jackson transport to Montana for a case.
And in standard Grey’s Anatomy fashion, a surgical box had a approach impact on Jackson’s personal life as a younger Avery was finally means to know since his father — played by Eric Roberts — left his mother, Catherine (Debbie Allen), and son all those years ago.

As it turns out, Robert wasn’t one for a “Avery way” of handshakes and galas and elite a easier life using a caf� in Montana where, as he pronounced it, people leave happy and don’t die.

Of course, not all goes as designed in a part dubbed “Japril a Sequel,” as Jackson (Jesse Williams) struggled to share with his father a issues that have worried him for years. Instead, Apr (Sarah Drew) — always on indicate — urges Jackson to do what he came to Montana to do and transparent a atmosphere with his father so he can instead concentration on their unsure throat transplant.

“Kevin [McKidd, who helmed a episode] gave me a good instruction when we were sharpened that stage — we was infusing it with how most Apr cares and wanted Jackson to reanimate this brokenness though Kevin pronounced to only be solid and clever and to make it about a patient,” Drew tells THR. “He knew that if Apr indispensable Jackson to bond with her in any way, he wouldn’t do what she indispensable him to do. It was one of my favorite scenes; Jackson was sleek and Apr was rock-solid and it was accurately what Jackson needed. She knew what he indispensable improved than he knew what he indispensable for himself.”

After struggling with his inability to tell his father how he felt, Jackson and Apr are desirous by a figure of debate that arises during their contention about Robert. It leads to a night of celebrating for Jackson and Apr as a on-again/off-again integrate seem to finally on again. The subsequent day, Jackson is means to tell Robert what it unequivocally means to be a father (as in Robert wasn’t possibly a father or a grandfather to Harriet). 

“It’s rather therapeutic. There is a grade of closure to be means to give someone a possibility to be means to paint themselves and be means to contend what it is we need to say,” Williams tells THR. “It’s improved than zero and Jackson can now put this big, frightful fabulous blob a small bit in his behind viewpoint and get a small bit of weight off his shoulders and pierce on with his life.”

To hear Drew tell it, a whole part was a depart from standard Grey’s Anatomy and felt like they were “shooting a movie.” Production was finished on plcae over 3 days in Topanga with a organisation from Scandal as Grey’s was in prolongation on a opposite part on a show’s Hollywood soundstage. Also a depart was a voiceover, with a part changeable to be told from a masculine viewpoint with Williams portion as a narrator. “A lot of episodes are unequivocally female-driven and this was a flattering singular part where we were means to follow a guy’s inner wrestling,” Drew says.

As for what happens subsequent for a clearly on-again integrate with a gusto for hotel rooms, Williams and Drew both are discerning to regard a other’s opening and surveillance a good chemistry that has existed for mixed seasons between Apr and Jackson.

“I can’t suppose [April and Jackson sleeping together] doesn’t pull them closer since if it doesn’t indurate or reinstate or reignite their regretful relationship, it for certain cements their platonic relationship,” Williams says. “They can — they do — need any other; they do wish to be around any other; they do disclose in any other. They know things about any other that nobody else knows. They have a ability to listen that nobody else employs. They have to be — we meant they’re in any other’s lives in a vital way. That difference could have kept violation and we consider this kind of draws them behind in a way.”

Drew records that things have unequivocally shifted for Apr and Jackson, who, no matter what a outcome of their attribute is, are now still roommates lifting a daughter together.

“They could possibly go behind and be buried in doubt or difficulty and be vital together with their daughter, or it could lead to difficulty about who they are to any other,” Drew says. “Though it could also indurate their best loyalty all over again and remind them how critical they are as friends — or it could also totally rekindle their marriage. Any one of those options creates a lot of clarity relocating forward.”

As for what’s to come in a remaining 8 episodes, Drew says a expel has review a penultimate part of a deteriorate and, while she declined to go into specifics, pronounced it’s “very sparkling and unequivocally interesting” with “a lot going on — and high drama.”

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