‘GoT’ Creator George R.R. Martin Looks Exactly Like Kit Harington In TBT Pic & Fans Are Freaking

Here’s a latest ‘Game of Thrones’ theory: George R. R. Martin is unquestionably Kit Harington’s twin! A imitation of a juvenile George looks accurately like a Jon Snow actor and ‘GoT’ fans are shook!


So, what’s a explanation? Is George R. R. Martin, 68, unquestionably Kit Harington’s twin — or father? Is Kit, 30, an barter existence account of a Game of Thrones author, ban to play Jon Snow in a radio orchestration of his possess creation? There were so many questions asked after Buzzfeed’s Ryan Broderick rescued what looks to be a high disseminate annual imitation of a teenage George R. R. Martin (per Complex) Ryan put a pattern successive to a shot of a bearded Kit Harington, and a likeness was shocking!


“Wanna see something wicked[ly] f*cked up?” Ryan asked on Aug. 24. And, like a Night King rising a multitude of White Walkers to attack, Ryan unleashed fear, problem around a GoT fandom. Speculation ran high brazen of a mellow 7 perfection (airing on Aug. 27 on HBO. Set your DVRs) Some fans couldn’t trust their eyes. “This is since he hasn’t killed him off,” one fan speculated. “Anyone got a pattern of his aunt,” another said, origination a spoiler-ific joke.







Though, is it illusive that Ryan’s pattern of George R. R. Martin is a forgery? Scandal! George has common cinema of himself from a 1970s in a past, that validate that had a matching mustache and dauntless as in a Kit Harington-esque photo, yet Insider casts doubt on a faultlessness of a “yearbook” picture. George was inherited in 1948, and Insider suggests that a pattern shows George in a 1970s, when a expectation author was in his 20’s, good past a time he would be appearing in high disseminate yearbooks. It could be a pattern from his college days, as George attended Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. The perplexity continues!

If observant Kit as George’s twin is too horrific, how about some photos of him smooching a “Mother of Dragons?” While Jon Snow and Daenerys haven’t tortuous adult on a show, Kit and Emilia clearly expected their characters’ romance in 2012. As they acted for a Game of Thrones glow for Rolling Stone in 2012, a photographer saw how Kit and Emilia Clarke, 30, had “undeniable chemistry” and asked them to kiss. If GoT fans ever wanted to know what it would feeling like if Daenerys kissed a juvenile George R. R. Martin, good – there we go.

Are we psyched for a GoT finale, HollywoodLifers? Do we cruise Kit looks like a juvenile George R. R. Martin?

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