Google’s Chromecast Will Add Showtime And Sling TV Streams

This was a good day for streaming video services: Showtime and Dish Network’s Sling TV announced that their standalone online services will be accessible on TV to viewers who use Google’s Chromecast connector.

Showtime’s adult currently on Chromecast and Android devices, as good as as Amazon’s Fire tablets, Fire TV, and Fire TV stick. Sling will be on Chromecast “in a entrance weeks,” a CEO Roger Lynch says. It’s already on Android and Amazon platforms.

Google disclosed a additions  today in an eventuality where it introduced new products including updates of a $35 Chromecast — that it says has 20 million users. In further to Showtime and Sling, a device will shortly offer streamed NBA and MLS games.

Google says a new Chromecast feature, called Fastplay, can yield clearly present entrance to services such as Netflix by loading calm before a user signs in. The association also introduced Chromecast Audio, that can tide tunes from services including Google Play Music and Spotify.