Google to supplement ‘news feed’ to website and app

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A continual feed of news articles, videos and websites will seem on a Google homepage

Google is adding a personalised Facebook-style news feed to a homepage – -to uncover users calm they might be meddlesome in before they search.

It will arrangement news stories, features, videos and song selected on a basement of prior searches by a same user.

Users will also be means to click a “follow” symbol on hunt formula to supplement topics of seductiveness to their feed.

One researcher pronounced a pierce would assistance Google contest with rivals.

“Google has a clever inducement to make hunt as useful as possible,” pronounced Mattia Littunen, a comparison investigate researcher during Enders Analysis.

“Facebook’s news feed is one of a categorical rivals. It is competing with other ways of accessing content.”

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People will be means to “follow” hunt topics to see them in a news feed

Google has been trialling a easier chronicle of a news feed in a smartphone app given December, and a full news feed will be combined to a smartphone apps in a US first.

But a association has now reliable it intends to supplement a underline to too.

Google is famous for a meagre homepage, which, yet mostly white space, has, according to analytics organisation Alexa Internet, turn a world’s most-visited website.

The feed will embody news stories from a accumulation of publishers, to equivocate a supposed filter burble effect, where people follow usually calm aligned with their pre-existing indicate of view.

“To yield information from different perspectives, news stories might have mixed viewpoints from a accumulation of sources… and, when available, you’ll be means to fact check,” a association pronounced in a blog post.

The hunt hulk already offers some context-based information in a smartphone hunt app in a form of Google Now cards, though dropped a personalised homepage use iGoogle in 2013.

Items in a new personalised feed can be tapped or clicked to launch a Google hunt for some-more information.

“Search ads are some-more remunerative than in-feed ads such as Facebook’s,” pronounced Mr Littunen.

“Google’s business is formed on offered advertising, so this gives them some-more hit points with consumers.”

The association did not hold either it would insert advertisements or sponsored posts into a feed, though Mr Littunen suggested a concentration of a use was to make Google some-more useful and expostulate users to a other services.

“Google has a prolonged tenure plan of expecting user needs. It’s a pierce to make certain people aren’t going elsewhere for information,” he told a BBC.