Google launches wi-fi network in Uganda

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The series of smartphones in Africa is flourishing fast though entrance to high-speed mobile internet is still expensive

Google has launched a initial wi-fi network in Uganda’s collateral Kampala, as partial of a plan to enlarge entrance to affordable high-speed internet.

The association is creation a broadband wireless network accessible to internal internet providers, who will afterwards assign business for access.

The web hulk says a network is now live in 120 pivotal locations in Kampala.

Official statistics uncover Uganda has about 8.5 million internet users, creation adult 23% of a population.

Google hopes that by improving internet ability in a city, internal telecom companies will afterwards be means to offer faster, cheaper broadband entrance to their customers.

The association estimates that one day’s total information regulating a new network should cost 1,000 Ugandan shillings ($0.30, £0.20), nonetheless internal providers will confirm how most they wish to assign for a service.

Critics contend it would have been improved to concentration on Uganda’s farming areas, where high-speed internet entrance is really limited.

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The wireless network forms partial of a wider project to urge web infrastructure in Africa, that has seen Google lay 800km (500 miles) of cables in Uganda to settle a twine ocular network.

There are now skeleton to enhance a plan to a Ghanaian cities of Accra, Tema and Kumasi.

In October, Facebook announced a possess initiative to boost entrance to a internet in Africa by regulating satellites.