Google CEO Sundar Pichai becomes a fanboy, meets Barcelona star Lionel Messi

Sundar Pichai had progressing pronounced that he was a fan of football and Barcelona FC star, Lionel Messi. (Source: FC Barcelona)

Google CEO Sundar Pichai enjoyed his fanboy impulse recently as he met his statue Lionel Messi in Barcelona. During a accommodate Pichai mentioned that his favourite goals by Messi were opposite Bayern Munich in a Champions League 2 years ago.

In a shave expelled by FC Barcelona, it can be seen that Sundar Pichai visited a FC Barcelona ground, sauce rooms. On his revisit there, a Google CEO was shown around by a stream boss of FC Barcelona, Josep Maria Bartomeu. He even got an FC Barcelona group jersey for ‘Google’ towards a finish of a visit. While leaving, he reportedly told Bartomeu that he would revisit again and to keep Messi in a team. Apart from a MWC 2017, a Google CEO took a revisit to a La Masia.

It might be remarkable that Pichai had progressing pronounced that he was a fan of football and Barcelona FC star, Lionel Messi.

Pichai’s revisit to Camp Nou took place as he along with his team were in assemblage at the new Mobile World Congress hold in Barcelona saw a horde of Tech experts from around a creation attend a event.

He also met a FC Barcelona group inlcluding players like Luis Suarez, Ivan Rakitic, and Manager Luis Enrique. He mentioned how he has seen Enrique given a time he was a actor in a club.

He also saw a abounding story of a bar in the museums and prize collection.

FC Barcelona also means a group jersey to Pichai with his initials ‘Sundar’ on it.