Goodness of coconut for skin care, diet

Coconut can be used as a healthy moisturiser. Coconut will hydrate your skin and keep it nourished all day long. (Source: File Photo)

Coconut is an all-rounder not usually for your diet, though also for your skin. The part can raise a benevolence of your desserts and also make for a good moisturiser, toner and make-up remover, advise experts.

Purba Kalita, co-founder during, and Sonia Mathur, Head and Trainer during Divine Organics, have listed ways on how to incorporate coconut in opposite ways:

Edible uses of coconut:

* Coconut can raise a benevolence of your desserts. Add grated coconut or coconut divert in your favourite honeyed treat. You can also surrogate all-purpose flour with coconut flour while baking a cake or make your cake tastier with a stuffing of proposal coconut chunks.

Also, hurl your chocolate cookies in dessicated coconut before baking to penchant a integrity of a fruit.

* Make some lovely drinks with a accumulation of fruits such as watermelon, orange or honeyed orange and supplement coconut H2O in it to pleasure your guests. Serve your guest luminary kadhi done of kokum fruit and coconut divert after dishes to assist digestion.

* If we are looking to give a turn to your daily fruit smoothie, try a tropical-flavoured one done of low-fat coconut divert or coconut water. You can also supplement proposal coconut chunks along with your choice of fruit(s) and mix them together to suffer something cold and healthy.

* If we have a longing for a pleasant ambience of coconut, interpose coconut divert or supplement grated coconut in your curries. You can also surrogate olive oil with coconut oil to make your salad sauce and rage your chutneys, curd-based curries, poriyals, and dals with a changed coconut oil.

Coconut for skin care:

* Coconut can be used as a healthy moisturiser. Coconut will hydrate your skin and keep it nourished all day long. Applying pure coconut oil directly or blending a few drops of it to your daily moisturiser will make your skin prepared to go out.

* Coconut not usually smoothens your skin though also works as a healthy toner. The fats benefaction in coconut minimises a pores that attract all a mud and germ and forestall a skin from removing damaged.

* The toning skill of coconut helps in preventing acne by minimising a pores of a skin.

* Make-up remover: Take a dab of coconut oil and massage it kindly to your face. It will mislay all a makeup and additional oil withdrawal your skin movable and smooth.

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