‘Goliath’ winter charge to wreak massacre opposite US

Extreme Blizzard Conditions from Goliath

By Weather.com

Winter Storm Goliath will widespread a swath of sleet and ice accompanied by clever winds by a Midwest Monday and afterwards impact tools of a Northeast Monday night by Tuesday.

Parts of 11 states are underneath winter charge warnings from north Texas to Michigan as of early Monday morning. Winter continue advisories and winter charge watches are also posted in other areas, including tools of a Northeast.

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See photos of winter continue opposite a U.S.:

winter charge Goliath

In further to snow, a comfortable side of Goliath will continue to furnish serious thunderstorms and flooding rainfall into Monday. For some-more on that story, click a couple below.

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Saturday night into Sunday, Goliath brought crippling snowstorm conditions to a southern High Plains where drifts adult to 10 feet high were reported. For some-more on a vital impacts from Goliath, click a couple next for a full report.

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winter charge Goliath

Below is an overview of a timing for Winter Storm Goliath followed by a sleet accumulation forecast.

Winter Storm Goliath Storm Timing


The area of low vigour will pull towards a Midwest, swelling snow, sleet and frozen sleet in a swath from Oklahoma to tools of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, northern Indiana and northern Ohio. Strong winds gusting to 40 mph will accompany a sleet in tools of a Midwest, causing reduced prominence and bad transport conditions in some areas.

A slight section opposite northern Illinois, northern Indiana, southern Michigan and northwest Ohio could see some poignant ice accumulations. This includes Chicago where frozen sleet is approaching into early Monday afternoon (away from a lake) before changing to sleet after Monday. The ice total with clever winds could lead to some damaged tree limbs or energy outages.

A wintry brew might also rise as distant easterly as western Pennsylvania and southwest New York by afternoon.

Monday night, a skinny area of sleet will widespread from western, executive and Upstate New York into western New England before dawn.

The sleet in most of executive and western New York, as good as Pennsylvania will usually be brief, changing to sleet and frozen sleet overnight as it spreads into northern New Jersey.The wintry continue should sojourn to a northwest of a 5 boroughs of New York City, yet a brief duration of sleet or frozen sleet can’t be ruled out. Boston could see some teenager accumulating sleet overnight Monday night.

Meanwhile, a swath of sleet will continue swelling north in a Upper Midwest Monday night from eastern South Dakota and eastern Nebraska to Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. Sleet or frozen sleet will brew in over a western Great Lakes from tools of southeast Wisconsin to Lower Michigan, with flood changing to sleet in a southern Great Lakes overnight.

Cities Affected (Daytime): Chicago | Des Moines, Iowa | Kansas City | Milwaukee | Minneapolis | Oklahoma City | Omaha, Nebraska | Wichita, Kansas

Cities Affected (Night): Albany, New York | Boston | Burlington, Vermont | Green Bay, Wisconsin | Minneapolis

Interstates Affected (Daytime): I-35, I-70, I-80, I-90

winter charge Goliath


Snow might dawdle in a northern Great Lakes, westward into a northern Plains for a time Tuesday.

In a Northeast, a wintry brew is approaching from northeast Pennsylvania into executive New England, while sleet continues in northern New England. Snow or a wintry brew might dawdle in northern New England into Tuesday night.

Cities Affected: Bangor, Maine | Albany, New York | Boston | Burlington, Vermont | Marquette, Michigan

Interstates Affected: I-95, I-87, I-91, I-90

winter charge Goliath

How Much Snow?

Midwest, Plains Forecast

A swath of 5 to 12 inches of sleet is foresee from northeast Kansas and eastern Nebraska to Iowa, southeast South Dakota, southern Minnesota, Wisconsin (lighter in southeast) and northern Michigan.

In further to a snow, some additional ice accumulations could be locally poignant from a eastern Texas swindle into tools of west-central Oklahoma.

winter charge Goliath

New England Snow Forecast

Some accumulating sleet is expected in New England and Upstate New York Monday night by early Wednesday. The heaviest accumulations will be in northern New England and northern New York. Parts of southern New England will see some accumulating sleet before changing to a wintry brew or rain.

winter charge Goliath

Goliath So Far: Blizzard, Snowfall and Wind Reports

Here is a summation of Sunday’s snowstorm conditions followed by a inventory of some of a biggest layer amounts by state.

Sunday’s Blizzard Recap

Saturday night into Sunday, sleet and breeze gusts of 40 mph to 60 mph beaten tools of a southern Highs Plains, quite eastern New Mexico, western Texas and western Oklahoma. Incredibly, a 70 mph breeze breeze peeled siding off a home in Clovis, New Mexico, Sunday afternoon.

Snow drifts of adult to 10 feet were reported in several eastern New Mexico and west Texas counties, where motorists were reportedly stranded due to a serious snowstorm conditions.

Three feet of sleet fell during Ski Apache in southeast New Mexico. Goliath has dumped adult to an estimated 30 inches of sleet on Cloudcroft, New Mexico, where clever winds caused energy outages as well. El Paso International Airport picked adult 8.1 inches of snow, that exceeds their normal annual layer of 5.5 inches. Parts of a Midland, Texas, metro area picked adult 7 inches of sleet from Goliath.

Thundersnow was celebrated in tools of west Texas on early Sunday afternoon, including in San Angelo. Light sleet and sleet even fell for a few hours Sunday afternoon in Del Rio, Texas, where a final accumulating sleet fell in Feb 2012.

– 28 inches nearby Soda Springs
– 20 inches during Northstar Ski Resort and Kirkwood Ski Resort

– 23 inches southwest of Montrose
– 20 inches nearby Sharkstooth

– 5.7 inches nearby Notus

– 9 inches nearby Negaunee (Saturday)

– 8 inches in Westbrook (Saturday)
– 2.5 inches as Minneapolis-St. Paul Int’l Airport (Saturday)

– 10 inches in Sidney (Friday-Saturday)
– 6.5 inches in Mullen (Friday-Saturday)

– 24 inches during Heavenly Ski Resort
– 22 inches during Mt. Rose Ski Area

New Mexico
– 36 inches during Ski Apache
– 30 inches estimated in Cloudcroft and San Ignacio
– 24 inches in Queen, with drifts of 6-7 feet
– 19 inches during Sandia Park
– 18 inches nearby Artesia
– 15.5 inches nearby Roswell
– 13.2 inches in Carlsbad
– 12 inches in Las Cruces

– 71 mph breeze breeze during Cannon AFB Sunday
– 71 mph breeze breeze in Clayton

– 14.5 inches nearby Gold Beach

South Dakota
– 12.8 inches in Hartford
– 12 inches in Spearfish

– Whiteout conditions in Plains, Farwell, Hale Center and Littlefield and other locations.
– 18 inches in Friona
– 9.2 inches during Lubbock NWS office
– 8.1 inches during El Paso International Airport (up to 10 inches northwest of a city)
– 8 inches in Midland

– 67 mph breeze breeze nearby Olton on Saturday
– 65 mph breeze breeze nearby Amherst early Sunday

– 12 inches during Camp Jackson

– 4.0 inches nearby Deer Park

– 8 inches in Ashland (Saturday)
– 6 inches in Superior (Saturday)

– 13.7 inches nearby Thayne
– 9 inches nearby Wilson

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