Gold makers to foster Akshay Kumar film by branch landmarks opposite India golden

akshay kumar starrer bullion stillakshay kumar starrer bullion still Gold hits theatres on Aug 15.

The makers of Akshay Kumar’s Gold have selected a singular approach to foster a film. On Sunday, landmarks opposite a republic will spin ‘Gold’. Akshay Kumar and other stars of a film took to Twitter to share a minute saying that several critical landmarks in cities like Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Delhi, Kolkata and Pune will be illuminated in golden colour.

Gold, destined by Reema Kagti, traces a tour of Tapan Das (played by Akshay) an partner manager, who dreams to get a bullion award for his country. The actor pronounced he was primarily unknowingly about a story of Gold though was bowled over when Kagti narrated a film. Gold describes a events heading adult to India’s feat in Field Hockey in 1948 Olympics. A year after snatching autonomy from Britain, India won a final opposite their former colonisers.

Akshay Kumar tweeted along with a print of a letter, “Tomorrow is a day, 70 years ago India won a initial Gold award as a giveaway nation! we take measureless honour in sharing, in this honour, landmark locations opposite India will be branch Gold tomorrow from 7 pm onwards. Join us and combine for India’s initial Gold. #IndiaTurnsGold #UniteForGold.”

The minute serve read, “Tomorrow is a really special day as it outlines a 70th anniversary of India’s initial Gold award in sports, an fulfilment that determined a temperament globally after we achieved a freedom. We are unapproachable to announce that vital cities around India will combine in honour of a nation’s biggest day in sporting history. It was this diversion that gave a republic it’s initial Olympic Gold medal. Hockey in India has not only been a sport, though a bloodline of that a ancestors have grown adult and thrived upon. Join us in commemorating this stately victory, as landmark locations spin bullion tomorrow dusk 7 pm onwards. Let’s all combine to widespread recognition about one of a many poignant moments in Independent India’s past. – Team Gold,” it added.

Gold hits theatres on Aug 15.

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