Glasgow cook claims duck tikka masala originated in Scotland

A Glasgow cook has claimed that Britain’s renouned duck tikka massala did not issue in a UK,but in Scotland. Sixty-four-year-old Ahmed Aslam Ali,the owner of Shish Mahal,is claiming that he invented a dish,and is now job on a European Union to give it “Protected Designation of Origin” status,alongside a likes of Champagne,Parma Ham and Greek Feta cheese.

Ali says that a creamy,mildly sharp curry was initial done here in a 1970s to greatfully a Scots,but afterwards it went on to turn a many renouned plate in British restaurants. “Chicken tikka masala was invented in this restaurant,we used to make duck tikka,and one day a patron said,”I”d take some salsa with that,this is a bit dry,” The News quoted Ali,as saying. Glasgow’s Labor lawmaker Mohammad Sarwar is now holding stairs to benefit EU authorised insurance for a curry.