Girls lift criticism pitch, occupy pitch

women cricket, Mumbai Cricket Association, SRTM Nagpur, University of Mumbaim Nagpur Mumbai match, sports news The women’s group of Shivaji University from Kolhapur sat on a representation to criticism opposite purported injustice by a on-field umpires.

The ongoing west section inter-university women’s cricket contest orderly by a University of Mumbai and Rizvi College underneath a protection of Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) witnessed high play when a women’s group of Shivaji University from Kolhapur protested by sitting on a representation and interrupted a SRTM Nagpur vs University of Mumbai semi-finals game.

The occurrence took place during Mumbai’s Shivaji Park on Tuesday morning after players from Kohlapur University felt that a umpires had given a preference bearing their opponents on Monday. Dr Prof UN Kendre, sports director, Mumbai University pronounced that Shivaji University filed a censure on Tuesday observant they were given a tender understanding by on-field umpires during their final diversion though called their function “immature.”

“It was juvenile poise from their side. We attempted to remonstrate them that umpire’s preference is final,” he said.

On Monday, chasing 154 set by Nagpur University, Shivaji University were 28 for 5 when an referee handed one of their batsmen leg before. Shivaji University wanted a umpires to over-turn a preference and when a referee refused to remember a batsman, a group motionless to travel off. The compare was after deserted and as a outcome SRTM Nagpur were awarded a berth in a semi-finals.

“We took a captain and manager of a Kolhapur group to MCA bureau and even told them that a preference can’t be changed. Once a call is done by a referee it’s a final decision. They listened to us patiently in MCA on Monday dusk though on Tuesday morning we were all astounded to see a girls sitting and protesting on a representation where Nagpur and Mumbai were personification a semi-finals. The compare was interrupted and usually a 25 overs diversion was possible. As per a procession any criticism or censure needs to be filed within dual hours after a compare gets over. We never suspicion they will do this though we were all astounded to see their group interrupting a semis,” Kendre said.

He serve added, “We told Kolhapur University that MCA provides a umpires and they have to conform their preference though they were realistic and remained on a representation for an hour. It was tough for us to remonstrate them and after we told them to record a complaint.”