Girl Power! Mel B Talks Raising Daughters to Be ‘Confident, Strong Women’

Between lifting 3 daughters, handling a bustling career and anticipating time to hang out with her former Spice Girls bandmates, Melanie “Mel B” Brown won’t be negligence down any time shortly — though she takes it all in stride.

“You learn something each day when you’re a mom — generally when you’re a operative mom,” a America’s Got Talent decider tells PEOPLE. “You’re constantly perplexing to balance work, being a mom, creation certain you’re there for a propagandize runs and dinners and [making] home-cooked food.”

Luckily, a age operation among her daughters — Madison, 6 on Friday, Angel Iris, 10, and Phoenix Chi, 18 — mostly comes in handy. “Thank God I’ve got an 18-year-old babysitter on daub when she can be worried to babysit,” says Brown, 42, adding, “My kids are great. They’re all unequivocally different.”

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This is a face your 18 year aged daughter does when she finds out she is travelling alone with ma for 16hrs and there is no removing out of it and no branch behind ✈️🇬🇧#mydaughterismyrock #nofilter #leeds #18

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Brown describes youngest daughter Madison — whom she shares control of with disloyal father Stephen Belafonte amid their divorce — as a “snuggler.”

“Madison is only stranded by my side,” she says. “Madison will discuss with me and play with all of my crystals, and she’s unequivocally sweet.”

This is a face we lift when your kids ONLY wanna nap with you!!! My baby girls are my everything

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Angel, on a other hand, isn’t so presumably affectionate. “I need to desire Angel for a hug,” Brown explains. “Angel is unequivocally most in her possess small universe and unequivocally artistic with a mechanism and creation things and decorating her room.”

When it comes to Phoenix, she jokes, “I’m meditative we know what she does half a time, though she’s a good girl.”

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Though her daughters couldn’t be any some-more different, Brown is hoping to lift them all with a same principles.

“All we can give them is love, love and courtesy and they go on their happy way,” she says. “I wish I’m lifting 3 confident, strong women on a inside who are appreciative, deferential and understanding of other women.”

She won’t take them off

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Plus, they all share a stellar repertoire of Spice Girls and ’90s epoch hits — either they like it or not.

“I constantly play song around them and Phoenix was on debate with me,” she says. “One of them calls it ‘old people’s music.’ [I’m] like, ‘What are we articulate about? It’s ’90s pop. It’s a best genre of music ever.’ ”

She continues, “That vibe is brilliant. we listen to my possess song all a time and not only my possess solos, though Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys — I’m a ’90s RB cocktail girl. I’m always going to be like that.”

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Though Brown says she spent time with her Spice Girls bandmate Emma Bunton (a.k.a. Baby Spice) during a bar after work recently, she says that unfortunately “there isn’t” a reunion debate on a way.

“I consider everybody is flattering sealed into what they’re doing. Everybody is busy, and everyone has families,” she says. “But we would be a initial one to be adult there!”