Girl gets final flowers on her 21st from father who died from cancer 5 years ago

Bailey Sellers’ 21st birthday is kaleidoscopic with unhappiness as she’s perceived a final fragrance of flowers from her passed father.

He pre-paid for a floral smoothness any year given he died from cancer when she was only 16.

She’s been receiving them with a note for a past 5 years.

This year’s summary said: “I will still be with we with each milestone, only demeanour around and there we will be.”

In a distressing post on Twitter, Bailey, who’s from Knoxville in America, explained what her extraordinary father had finished adding: “Miss we so most daddy.”

Flowers from Bailey Sellers dad

She posted cinema of a note, flowers and an aged print from when she was child.

In a note trustworthy her father had written: “This is my final adore minute to we until we accommodate again.

“I do not wish we to strew a rip for me my baby lady for we am in a improved place.”

Note from Bailey Sellers passed father

Many people responded including @thesn0wmexican: “seeing this done me rip up, I’m so contemptible for your loss, this is both unhappy and heartwarming that he did that for you.”

Bailey replied: “I know. Every year we looked brazen to my birthday since we felt like he was still here with me though this is a final year we get them so it’s so heart breaking.”

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