GinaMarie Zimmerman Destroys Big Brother 17 Winner Steve Moses After Attack on Amanda Zuckerman: Brutal Twitter War!

GinaMarie Zimmerman Destroys Big Brother 17 Winner Steve Moses After Attack on Amanda Zuckerman: Brutal Twitter War!

Oh snap, “Big Brother” play only took an sparkling spin on amicable media currently pleasantness of GinaMarie Zimmerman. “Big Brother 17” leader Steve Moses called Amanda Zuckerman out in a divulgence speak with Reality Recaps touting she is a bully- inside and out of a house. Steve went on to state, “Amanda seemed to suffer being a bully, so it wasn’t for vital reasons.” He immune Dan Gheesling for his bullying in a house, citing he did it to serve himself in a game. One thing is for sure; Steve never approaching “Big Brother 15” runner-up, GinaMarie Zimmerman to step adult to a image and urge her tighten friend’s honor. 

GinaMarie was not happy to hear that Steve was slamming her former residence guest and best friend. She took to Twitter to tell him- and his fans- that she will not endure him speak crap about her friend. She suggested that Steve blocked her, or she would go to him directly to settle a Twitter squabble. She went on to state that she hates him and done a anxiety that he reminded her of ‘Norman Bates.’ She said, “He doesn’t know sh*t. we know Amanda both inside and out of a house, and she is awesome. She is one of my best friends.”

One of GinaMarie’s supporters suggested that Steve had resorted to trashing Vanessa Rousso, as well. Gina Marie replied, “Steve’s a b*tch, Vanesa is amazing!!” She told her supporters that she was a Vanessa fan all deteriorate and hated how squirmy Steve appeared. “There was something about that child we didn’t trust,” she wrote.

GinaMarie admitted that she doesn’t customarily fly off a hoop about things she reads on amicable media, though Steve unequivocally got to her with his rude, mean comments. After dual hours of her consistent tweets, it looks like she’s staid down and not so indignant about it all. Amanda Zuckerman tweeted to her, “I adore that girl, GinaMarie. She’s my bodyguard”

When in a BB17 house, Steve would have panic attacks when he had to opinion – shaken he was going to make a wrong decision. Just suppose how he contingency feel meaningful that a New Jersey firecracker GinaMarie is mad with him. Steve’s best march of movement would be to apologize and stop using his mouth about people he doesn’t know personally. Don’t forget to check behind after for more “Big Brother” rumors, gossip, and updates!

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