George Clayton Johnson Dies: ‘Logan’s Run’ Co-Writer And Writer Of First ‘Star Trek’ Episode Was 86

George Clayton Johnson, a scholarship novella novelist, TV scriptwriter and comic book creator best famous for co-writing a 1967 novel Logan’s Run, died Friday of cancer. He was 86.

Johnson’s son Paul posted this on Facebook:

My Father, George Clayton Johnson, passed divided this Christmas day at 12:46 p.s.t. He was some-more than a reknowned writer, fan hemp legalization advocate, he was a truly amatory father huband. His wife, Lola Johnson daughter, Judy Olive I, his son, Paul B. Johnson weep his loss. The shun of adore from all of we has postulated us during this formidable time. In around 30 days I’ll post a info on a “lifetime celebration” celebration that we’ll reason in his memory. If all my friends who see this post will repost it to their friends, word will get out faster we would be many appreciative. He desired his family, friends, though he had a special place in his heart for all of his fans, who postulated him gave him a forum to share thoughts during a million miles a second…

Born in Cheyenne, WY, in 1929, Johnson forsaken out of propagandize in a ninth class and spent his early adulthood as a draftsman following use in a U.S. Army and a brief army in college. He pennyless into essay as a contention in 1959 penning a Alfred Hitchcock Presents part “I’ll Take Care of You.” During this period, he sole a brief story that after would offer as a basement for a Rat Pack film Ocean’s 11.

Twilight-Zone-A diversion of poolSoon after, he was supposed into a Southern California School of Writers, a Los Angeles-based who’s who of authors whose work would turn hugely successful on American renouned enlightenment — among them Theodore Sturgeon, William F. Nolan, Charles Beaumont, Richard Matheson and Ray Bradbury. Through his organisation with a organisation he met Twilight Zone creator Rod Serling, offered him a story that would offer as a basement for a part “The Four of Us Are Dying.” This led to a extensive organisation with a show; Johnson eventually would write possibly a stories or teleplays for 8 episodes of a anthology series, among them a classics “A Game of Pool” and “Kick The Can” The latter was blending for the Steven Spielberg-directed shred in 1983’s Twilight Zone: The Movie.

Johnson’s other radio contributions embody episodes of Route 66, The Law and Mr. Jones and Kung Fu.

Johnson also has a eminence of providing essential contributions to dual of a many critical scholarship novella works from a era, both in 1967. First was his book for “The Man Trap”, a first-aired part of a strange Star Trek. The part sees a organisation of a Enterprise encountering and forced to kill a shape-shifting bug that is a final of a kind. Although not deliberate a central initial part of a series, it did set a tinge for episodes to come and is important for themes that would recover later.

logansrunThat same year, Johnson collaborated with William F. Nolan on a novel Logan’s Run. Admitting after that a dual were perplexing to write something they knew would sell, they spent a integrate of weeks banging out a story that tapped into then-current anxieties about a era gap. Set in a dystopian destiny in that people are summarily executed on reaching a age of 21, a story follows an user tasked with expelling those who try to shun a system, who ends adult journey it himself. It was blending into a 1976 film starring Michael York that changed a age of execution adult to 30.

Johnson also co-created a comic array Deepest Dimension Terror Anthology. In after life, he became a dedicated romantic for a legalization of marijuana. He lived in Los Angeles during a time of his death.