General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Sam Dumped by Jason and Patrick – What’s Next As Liz Gloats?

General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Sam Dumped by Jason and Patrick - What's Next As Liz Gloats?

“General Hospital” (GH) spoilers provoke that Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) competence shortly be yet a man, waste and reeling. Jason Morgan (Billy Miller) has selected Liz Webber (Rebecca Herbst) and it’s doubtful even a tip exhibit will separate them.

Patrick Drake (Jason Thompson) has also had adequate of Sam revelation him she loves him while clearly saying him as a less-than-worthy satisfaction prize. Patrick is on his approach out of city shortly yet Sam – that will leave her all alone, what then?

Remember a final time that Liz won Jason divided from Sam and how crazy Sam went? Sam hired thugs to shock Elizabeth and her kids and afterwards didn’t news it when small Jake Spencer (James Nigbor) was kidnapped – and so most more.

There is small possibility that Sam will hoop this transfer any some-more gracefully. The doubt is what will she do? What inlet could Sam penetrate to once she’s kicked to a quell by both group she loves? Will Sam concentration on punish conflicting Liz?

No doubt a power of a atonement intrigue will count on how self-satisfied Liz is when she throws her Jason attribute in Sam’s face and gloats… Who could Sam partner with for a punish ploy conflicting Liz?

#1 Ric Lansing (Rick Hearst)
If Sam is looking to get behind during a male who dumped her and a lady he’s now with, Ric Lansing is an apparent choice of partners. He’s in a same position as Sam yet on a conflicting side given Jason stole Liz from him and Liz stole Jason from her. Sam and Ric have a scattered story and she clearly views him with disdain, yet wretchedness creates bizarre bedfellows (and those dual did share a bed before).

#2 Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright)
Carly also has it in for Liz and will be stung by Jason’s rejecting of her. Jason will disapprove Carly shortly for creation Liz doubt his love. Carly is a ideal partner for Sam given she’s cruel and they both consider they have Jason’s best interests during heart. Carly would be roughly as fatal to work with as Ric – and suppose if all 3 of them put their differences aside to work during bursting Jason and Liz up? Yowza!

#3 Carlos Rivera (Jeffrey Vincent Parise)
Carlos and Jason have an antipathetic past to start with – and Carlos will be disorder himself from a damaged heart when Sabrina Santiago (Teresa Castillo) dumps him for good and insists her baby was fathered by Michael Quartermaine (Chad Duell). Jason has ties to Michael and a Corinthos host whom Carlos hates. Carlos would be a dangerous ally, yet could be a divergent partner for Sam to integrate adult with soon.

#4 Paul Hornsby (Richard Burgi)
Paul, like Carlos, represents risk – that Sam craves. Plus Paul is after a Corinthos conglomeration that means he’d like to keep Jason off change and not operative for Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard). Hurting Jason would fit in with Paul’s master plan, no doubt. Plus, Paul would be some-more than happy to bed Sam on a miscarry – he seems to be building a harem of all a prohibited 40ish ladies in Port Charles.

Depending on how Sam acts out, though, she could remove even some-more than Patrick and Jason. If Sam’s punish antics put Danny Morgan during risk, Jason competence try to take their son to strengthen him from her new and presumably dangerous lifestyle. Without her son tethering her to normalcy, there’s no revelation what Sam would do.

What do we think? If “General Hospital” spoilers that provoke a permanent Sam and Jason separate reason true, will Sam go off a rails? Who do we consider Sam should work with to go after Liz?

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