General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Robin & Patrick Lost on Honeymoon Tragedy – Emma Devastated, Remains in PC With Anna

General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Robin  Patrick Lost on Honeymoon Tragedy - Emma Devastated, Remains in PC With Anna

“General Hospital” (GH) spoilers provoke that while Robin Scorpio (Kimberly McCullough) and Patrick Drake (Jason Thompson) will clearly get their happily ever after, tragedy might shortly succeed a newly reunited couple. It has been reliable that Robin will be behind in Port Charles for Christmas.

That means she’ll suffer a much-needed reunion with daughter Emma Drake (Brooklyn Rae Silzer) and will also get some face time with Jason Morgan (Billy Miller). But a fun might be short-lived. Kimberly McCullough has hinted that Patrick and Robin will finally get their honeymoon.

If we recall, a twin never got to suffer a lover’s getaway after they were married during their second marriage (the initial being interrupted by Emma’s birth). They had talked about holding an extended trip. However, their skeleton were injured by a array of hapless events and Patrick and Robin finally divorced.

But once Robin is finally released from her Cassadine-paid captors, Patrick will learn that Robin never wanted to be detached from him or Emma. This reaffirms for Patrick that he was unfailing to be with Robin and they make skeleton to be together.

When a twin leave Port Charles for their honeymoon, it creates clarity to leave Emma behind given that’s a grown-up trip. After all, what inhuman relatives would desert their child when they usually got behind together? Likely we will see Patrick and Robin exit with skeleton to return.

But a prolonged hinted during GH spoiler indicates that a craft pile-up or airline tragedy will lead to one or some-more characters to be blank and reputed dead. Will Robin and Patrick’s craft be mislaid during sea? This leaves a showrunners many some-more options.

Jason Thompson is, of course, relocating over to “The Young and The Restless” to collect adult a layer of Billy Abbott as Burgess Jenkins moves on. But, we never know how things will play out in Soapland. With Robin and Patrick “lost” they can revive them during any point.

While hardcore Scrubs fans would not wish to see anyone fill a boots of Kimberly McCullough or Jason Thompson, a recast could occur for one or both parts. The storyline of them being mislaid on their honeymoon allows both to exit yet open to a lapse for a actors or their characters.

Plus, it allows for a benevolent exit while withdrawal Emma behind. It would be a terrible tragedy for Patrick and Robin to leave for Doctors but Borders – or a identical plan – and embankment Emma in Port Charles. And Nathan Varni has positive fans that Emma is adhering around.

We also know that Kimberly McCullough is usually behind short-term to promote closure of a Scrubs story as Jason Thompson exits. So spoilers indicating that Robin and Patrick will somehow go blank align with a casting contribution that we know are in play.

The bottom line is, though, even if it was unintentional, Emma will once again be left but her mom – and even worse, will also now remove her father. Emma will be ravaged and that opens adult a resources of formidable destiny storylines.

Emma was enthralling in her grief when Patrick and Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) announced their split, so a play of Emma anticipating out her relatives are both mislaid to her should be gripping. Emma being left in Anna Devane’s (Finola Hughes) caring also opens adult storylines there.

With Finola Hughes recently inking a three-year understanding to hang around GH, there will be some-more room to enhance her story as she plays “single Mom” to her granddaughter after a detriment of Robin and Patrick. This is a maze for Anna who was mostly in and out of Robin’s life.

It’s a possibility for Anna to redeem herself as a mom by holding on a full-time shortcoming of caring for Emma. And for Emma, as she moves into her teen years, she’ll have so most angsty backstory to play out since of this tragedy that it represents a resources of storyline veins to be tapped.

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