General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Return of Jason’s Stone Cold Killer Violence Changes Relationship Dynamics – Liz Horrified

General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Return of Jason’s Stone Cold Killer Violence Changes Relationship Dynamics - Liz Horrified

“General Hospital” (GH) spoilers prove that Jason Morgan (Billy Miller) might demeanour different, though he’s a same infrequent torpedo on a inside – and that’s something he’ll hatred about himself – and might also find others hatred that side of him too.

The new Jason doesn’t wish to be a bully or criminal, though anytime he’s put into a position of danger, he lashes out with fatal flesh memory. How many people has he killed given he came behind into Port Charles as Jake Doe?

The physique count continues to stand and it looks like Nikolas Cassadine (Tyler Christopher) will be propitious to not be one of Jason’s kill count. Nikolas spoke some oppressive truths to Jason about him returning to city and putting his desired ones in danger.

And Nikolas isn’t wrong, in some ways, that Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) and Danny would have been improved off with Patrick Drake (Jason Thompson). But even as Nikolas was sassing Jason, no approach did he consider a former strike male would toss him off a balcony.

The problem with Jason is – he always goes uber-lethal and that miss of control creates him scary. He goes from 0 to carnage in 1.2 seconds. This time, he threw Nikolas off a patio though a suspicion to how that would impact Nik or himself.

When Nikolas lands in front of Liz Webber (Rebecca Herbst), apparently harmed during Jason’s hands, Liz will be positively horrified. No matter what Nikolas has done, there’s no approach Liz will consider Jason was fit to conflict Nikolas in this over a tip way.

Liz will be with Nikolas as he’s taken to General Hospital – and she’ll expected be one who helps tend to him while they wait for a ambulance to arrive. But once she finds out it was Jason that did this to Nikolas, will she be frightened and frightened of Jason?

In Liz’s mind, she and Nikolas are in a same vessel – they both lied to Jason about his past. Is this what Jason is going to do to people he doesn’t like? Will Liz be fearful of Jason and disgusted by his actions? And how will that abhorrence impact Jason?

Up until now, Liz has been unfortunate to have Jason behind and pleading with him to recur a split. But if Liz turns her behind on this aroused chronicle of Jason and tells him she doesn’t wish him or wish him around her sons, it could change a energetic between them.

Men always wish what they can’t have and if Liz stairs behind from Jason, it might inspire him to step brazen towards her. Sam has always been distant some-more usurpation of Jason’s dim side, though given Jason is himself uneasy by a assault that dwells within him, will Sam’s acceptance worry him?

Plus, Liz will be really protecting of Nikolas after what Jason did to him – will Jason get sceptical over her courtesy to Nikolas? Will Liz’s fear during his actions and invulnerability of Nikolas indeed move Jason closer to her given he sees her with another man?

Let’s face it, Jason’s mind is still addled though he has to do something about a assault that’s apparently deeply secure within him – unless he wants to go behind to being a host beast that he was. And it doesn’t seem like Jason wants that past life.

Maybe he’ll see that he needs to step divided from those who accept that side of him and make a uninformed start. There’s lots some-more to come with this new development. Will Nikolas spend Christmas during GH in traction? Will Jason spend Christmas in a PCPD close up?

Will Jason ever be means to relieve a assault that’s inside him and make a new life for himself though that dim side holding over? Stay tuned to CDL to find out some-more on this and other storylines in the minute daily “General Hospital” spoilers.