General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Patrick’s Love Life Destroying Poor Emma – Should Anna Take Custody and Save Innocent Child?

General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Patrick's Love Life Destroying Poor Emma - Should Anna Take Custody and Save Innocent Child?

“General Hospital” (GH) spoilers provoke that Patrick Drake (Jason Thompson) might have finally damaged his daughter Emma Drake (Brooklyn Rae Silzer) with this latest bad romance. Should Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) take control of her granddaughter to get her divided from Patrick’s catastrophic adore life?

Poor Emma Drake pennyless a hearts when Patrick and Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) announced a mangle up. What was even worse was that Emma had come home early from a sleepover to assistance her father and fiancée devise their wedding. Then BAM!

(By a way, Silzer’s opening was implausible – that child is usually 9! She cried convincingly and a dialog created for a theatre was perfect.)

She was so sad, afterwards Emma got indignant during Sam’s protestations that she still desired her and lashed out during a ex-fiancée. How unhappy was it when Emma said, “Don’t contend we adore me…” afterwards yelled during Sam, “If you’re going to leave, afterwards do it.”

Then she bawled in her dad’s arms, “It’s too hard.” Then when she got to call Robin Scorpio (Kimberly McCullough), her mom was confronting genocide and attempted to assure her of her love. Emma told her mom, “I don’t know since people adore any other and don’t stay together.”

All Emma listened was that her mom wasn’t entrance home when she indispensable her and Emma asked, “If we adore me, since can’t we usually come home?” Then a call finished and Emma told her dad, “She pronounced goodbye, like everybody else.”

This is a child who’s unequivocally correct about a vagaries of adore after what she’s been through. But really, isn’t Patrick’s violent adore life a form of child abuse? It’s not to a turn that Child Services would get involved, though it should be adequate for Anna to step in.

Anna can take control of Emma and defense her from serve romantic abuse during a hands of her father. Of course, Patrick isn’t doing this on purpose, though a outcome is a same on Emma. He couldn’t stop Robin from leaving, though he should have seen by Britt Westbourne (Kelly Thiebaud).

Patrick allowed Britt to manipulate him into banishment Sabrina Santiago (Teresa Castillo) as a sitter. That dejected Emma. Then a explanation that Britt had engineered a pregnancy ravaged Emma serve – she suspicion she was removing a small hermit – she got zero though heartbreak.

But afterwards Sabrina helped her reanimate usually to have Patrick reject Sabrina and vanquish Emma again. Then with Sam, Emma got another small hermit in Danny usually to have him taken divided again. And that’s usually been in a final integrate of years.

Emma has had some-more suspense before a age of 10 afterwards many have their whole lives. Patrick is a good guy, though his bad visualisation in women is traumatizing his daughter. With Patrick withdrawal Port Charles for good, many fans were anticipating Emma, Patrick and Robin would leave as a family.

But it seems unavoidable that Patrick and Robin will separate again and Emma doesn’t need that. What’s some-more expected is that Patrick will leave Emma with Anna. And Anna will be a improved long-term change than Patrick, though it will kill Emma to be left behind.

So far, showrunners have insisted that Emma is not going anywhere even when Patrick exits. But Josslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy) was usually SORAd, so… Let’s wish that Patrick’s exit is not a apparatus to do a same to Emma when her unhappy storyline is so compelling.

Anna might be devil-may-care in some ways, though she’s perplexing harder with Emma. Anna was a apart mom to Robin since of her WSB work and that might have set a theatre for Robin to also be a mom who would leave her daughter for work.

But Anna is older, wiser, and knows she missed out on a lot with Robin and is perplexing to make it adult by being a good grandma to Emma. Anna is a improved change on Emma and not expected to get so concerned with a male that she throws Emma underneath a romantic bus.

What do we consider GH fans, wish to see Emma with Anna? Or do we wish Patrick takes her with him when he leaves town? If Patrick skeleton to take her, should Anna put her feet down and quarrel for control of her granddaughter?

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