General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: After Liz Break-Up, Jason Brutally Attacks Nikolas in Final Showdown – Leaves Town Angry?

General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: After Liz Break-Up, Jason Brutally Attacks Nikolas in Final Showdown - Leaves Town Angry?

“General Hospital” (GH) spoilers provoke that Jason Morgan (Billy Miller) will be spoiling for a vital – and maybe final – showdown with Nikolas Cassadine (Tyler Christopher) over a Prince’s impasse in his temperament secret.

Now that Jason knows Liz Webber (Rebecca Herbst) knew who he was, a subsequent thing he’ll wish to know is how she knew. Even if Liz doesn’t wish to drag Nik’s name into it, Jason will know. But if Liz is intelligent (and she is), she’ll hang Nikolas out to dry.

If Liz can get Jason to concentration his annoy on Nikolas afterwards he competence not leave her – he competence not censure her. Liz competence even try and sell it that she’s a plant too given she didn’t know before she fell for Jake Doe that he was Jason.

But Jason is intelligent too. His mind competence be addled, nonetheless he will be means to do a math on how prolonged ago a Nurse’s Ball was and how many months she was fibbing to him. Plus, Liz was right adult tighten examination his onslaught over not meaningful his identity.

Jason competence see what she did as inhuman even nonetheless she claims to adore him. And, of course, Liz truly does adore him – she’s desired him for so long. But Jason’s adore for Liz will not be adequate to reason behind his outrage.

Jason will be so insane that he wants to take out his frustrations physically – nonetheless he can’t strike Liz. Jason competence scream during a lady (as he did with Sam) nonetheless he won’t hold one in violence. But Nikolas is a whole opposite matter.

We’ll see Jason find Nikolas during The Floating Rib with Hayden Barnes (Rebecca Budig) and Jason only attacks! We’ve seen him bluster Nikolas with assault before and Nik was always intimidated – nonetheless still smug. But Nik should be unequivocally frightened this time.

Jason will punch Nikolas with all he’s got – apparently those Cassadine muscles are only for uncover given he never seems to be means to mount adult to Jason. Or maybe it’s given Nikolas knows only how dangerous Jason truly is.

Hayden will expected meddle to stop a conflict from going further. Will Nikolas urge Liz and shoulder a censure given he knows Jason will be a same volume of indignant during him possibly way? Will Jason also confront Hayden?

After all, Hayden came to a garage to tell Jason she knew his temperament nonetheless afterwards she was shot. Hayden should be protected if Jason still believes she’s also an amnesiac. But if not, he competence consternation because she didn’t try again to tell him his identity.

Hayden has a best forgive of all – she can now state that she was a aim of a hit, and not Jason and that someone wanted her silenced during all costs. If she shares that tidbit, could Jason comprehend that Nikolas was a expected law-breaker in her shooting?

The bottom line is, Nikolas and Liz are about to be persona non grata all opposite Port Charles for these lies. Is a conflict on Nik a final thing Jason will do before he heads out of city for a bit? Remember when he found out his identity, he fled.

Jason was so undone with anticipating out he was Jason Morgan, he took off on his motorcycle. Will he do a same this time when he founds out a lady he loves and was going to marry cheated him? Will Jason put Port Charles in his behind perspective counterpart for a while?

GH spoilers exhibit that Billy Miller is holding a brief mangle after all a uninterrupted work given he’s been a concentration of a uncover for months now. That means showrunners will expected write him out for a series of episodes. Leaving city indignant creates sense.

So what do we think, GH fans? Is a punch in a face adequate punishment for Nikolas? Or should Jason inflict genuine corporeal mistreat on a Cassadine heir? What arrange of penance is fit for what Nik has finished to Jason? Share your comments below. And come behind to CDL for minute daily “General Hospital” spoilers, report and news.

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