Gamers’ annoy halts Star Wars Battlefront II payments

Star Wars Battlefront IIImage copyright
EA Games

Games publisher EA has dangling in-game purchases in a latest Star Wars pretension Battlefront II, following critique from players.

Gamers had complained that unlocking renouned characters such as Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader took too prolonged unless they paid for credits.

EA pronounced in-game purchases would be halted since it did not wish a debate to “overshadow” a game.

But it pronounced a ability to buy diversion banking would return.


In Battlefront II, players acquire credits by completing campaigns. The credits can be spent to clear new equipment and characters in a game.

Players and reviewers were unhappy that earning credits by gameplay took several hours, and that there was a top on a series of credits that could be warranted in Arcade Mode any day.

The diversion was “diseased by an guileful microtransaction indication that creates an disproportionate battlefield,” wrote Andrew Reiner in a examination for Game Informer..

Others argued that it was astray to inspire microtransactions in a diversion that typically cost between £49.99 and £69.99 in a UK, or $60 in a US.

EA primarily responded by shortening a series of credits compulsory to clear in-game upgrades by 75% – though it also reduced a volume warranted by personification campaigns.

It has now temporarily halted microtransactions. “Sorry we didn’t get this right,” it said in a statement.

“The ability to squeeze crystals in-game will turn accessible during a after date, usually after we’ve done changes to a game. We’ll share some-more sum as we work by this.”

The proclamation was met with questioning on Reddit, where players had lifted complaints about a game.

“According to their statement, EA is disabling in-game purchases usually temporarily. In other words, they’re watchful for a Reddit hive mind to get insane about something else and 3 weeks after they’ll put it behind to how it was,” suggested one gamer.