‘Game Of Thrones’ Recap: A Huge Secret About Rhaegar & Lyanna Is Revealed

The Aug. 13 prejudiced of ‘Game of Thrones’ was a game-changer. Jaime’s predetermine was revealed, Jon Snow headed over The Wall, and Gilly rescued a vast tip about Rhaegar and Lyanna!


Bronn is alive and so is Jaime! Thank goodness! Bronn berates Jaime for going after Daenerys and her huge, fire-breathing dragon. Jaime’s not certified to die until Bronn gets his castle. Bronn’s going to make certain of that. After stealing so tie to Daenerys and Drogon, Jaime is understandably terrified. Daenerys has 3 dragons, and she customarily used one to totally erase a Lannister army. Couple a dragons and a Dothraki army, Jaime realizes this is a argue he can’t win for Cersei. Jaime creates his proceed behind to Cersei after a Lannister army’s spiritless defeat. He breaks a news about Olenna’s acknowledgment per Joffrey’s death.


Tyrion walks among a stays after a sack steer battle. You can tell he’s looking for Jaime, nonetheless he can’t find his cenobite anywhere. There’s a prejudiced of Tyrion that unquestionably hates this dump that Daenerys is thankful for. He didn’t pointer adult for this. Daenerys creates a playmate plead to a remaining Lannister soldiers. She gives them twin choices: offshoot a knee or die. Many soldiers offshoot a knee immediately, nonetheless Randall and Dickon Tarly do not.

Tyrion tries to save Randall’s life by seeking Dany to send him to The Wall. “You can’t send me to The Wall,” Randall says to Daenerys. “You are not my queen.” That settles his fate. Dickon stairs adult prepared to die as well. Tyrion begs Dickon to reconsider, nonetheless Dickon refuses to offshoot a knee. Tyrion attempts to reason with Daenerys one final time, nonetheless she won’t let up. Dickon and Randall have a choice and they’re selecting to die. Dickon and Randall are burnt alive by Drogon.

Who Knew Dragon-Petting Could Mean So Much?

Jon watches Daenerys arrive home on Drogon’s back. He comes face-to-face with Drogon for a initial time. Jon reaches out and pets Drogon like it’s not a vast bargain he’s petting a FREAKING DRAGON. This is even some-more reason that Jon Snow is a Targaryen! Jon is empty during how tie he is to a dragon and so is Daenerys. No one else other than Dany has ever gotten so tie to her children.

Bran has a terrifying forecast of ravens flapping over an army of White Walkers and a Night King. He decides to send a dark to a Citadel to advise them of a risk that’s coming. The maesters hee-haw during Bran’s warning. Sam advises them all to tell people that a jeopardy of a upheld is real. I’m not favourable a maesters, nonetheless how can these aged organization fear something they’ve never seen before?

Tyrion takes a incentive to de-stress after a battle. He has a plead with Varys, who is holding a outline for Jon from Winterfell. Even nonetheless a outline is meant for a King of a North, Varys has hearing it. Duh, this is Varys we’re clear about. The note reveals that Arya and Bran are alive! Bran reveals in a note he has seen a Night King and his army marching towards Eastwatch. Jon is stern about going home. He’s pacific to argue with a army he has. Daenerys isn’t pacific to send her army, not with Cersei still being a problem. Tyrion proposes that Jon Snow pierce a wight to King’s Landing and infer that a jeopardy of a Night King is real. That proceed everybody can assistance in a argue conflicting a Night King.


Like he promised, Jorah Mormont gain to Daenerys after expecting a reanimate for greyscale. Daenerys is intense by Jorah’s return. There is no one some-more consistent to Dany than Jorah. The feeling of venerate in his eyes when he sees Dany is too much. He offers to go north and find a wight with Jon. Not going to lie, Jon seems a tiny distrustful of how many Dany cares for Jorah.

A Lannister Reunion GENDRY

Tyrion and Davos control down to King’s Landing. Bronn brings Jaime to Tyrion for a tip chat. Jaime is still holding a hatred conflicting Tyrion for murdering Tywin. Tyrion wants to lift that aside for now and pronounce about origination a deal. He tells Jaime that Daenerys is pacific to let adult on a assign if Cersei agrees to certain terms. Daenerys will win this argue if Cersei doesn’t journey this offer, Tyrion warns. Jaime knows this, too.

While Tyrion is clear with Jaime, Davos goes by a streets of Flea Bottom and finds GENDRY! He is looking hotter than ever. Gendry is prepared to go wherever Davos skeleton on holding him. He’s obliged to Davos for saving him from Melisandre. Gendry and Davos are sharp on Tyrion by a vessel when twin Lannister soldiers transport nearby. Tyrion, who is not being singular during all, walks right past a soldiers. The soldiers see a dwarf in their midst and start seeking questions. Gendry kills them with his WARHAMMER before a soldiers can unquestionably collect adult that they’re staring during Tyrion Lannister, a wanted fugitive.

Jaime goes to Cersei with Tyrion’s offer per Dany’s armistice. Cersei knows that Jaime met with Tyrion. She has eyes everywhere. Cersei admits that she’s not totally conflicting a offer, nonetheless she’s got other some-more vicious things to bargain with right now. Cersei reveals she is PREGNANT! “Who will we contend is a father?” Jaime asks. She replies, “You.” She hugs Jaime resolutely and warns him not to injustice her again.

A Secret Marriage

When they make it behind to Dragonstone, Davos introduces Gendry to Jon Snow. They strike it off nicely. Gendry wants to assistance Jon Snow in any proceed he can. Jon Snow, Jorah, and Gendry all control north to Eastwatch.

Meanwhile, Sansa is confusing to reason down a designation during Winterfell while Jon Snow is away, nonetheless it’s not easy. Their supporters are stealing restless, generally given Jon Snow has clearly bailed on them. Arya does not approve of how Sansa usually allows their supporters to insult Jon. Arya believes Sansa cares too many about what other people cruise of her. “I’m certain rupturing off heads is unequivocally satisfying, nonetheless that’s not a proceed we get people to work together,” Sansa snaps during her younger sister. Sansa’s got a point, Arya.

Later, Arya witnesses Littlefinger being shady. Is Littlefinger a one who’s been fueling this assign conflicting Jon Snow? Probably. Arya is hearing Littlefinger’s any move. She overhears Littlefinger tell someone that he wants to keep a certain record secret. Naturally, Arya goes snooping. She finds a notation from Sansa pulpy inside his bed.

This notation is a one Sansa wrote to Robb after being threatened by Cersei. Cersei essentially useful that Sansa could assistance her father if she wrote this notation to her brother. In a letter, Sansa rapid Robb to swear his fidelity to Joffrey. Littlefinger was in a room when Cersei coerced Sansa to write a note. This is all Littlefinger’s manipulation. He knows that Arya’s been hearing him. He’s confusing to spin Sansa and Arya conflicting any other!

While Sam is user during a Citadel, Gilly’s usually perusing by pages. She asks Sam what an nullification means. She mispronounces Rhaegar’s name, nonetheless she discovers something game-changing about him. Rhaegar got an nullification and remarried someone else in a tip sermon in Dorne. That authority has to be LYANNA! This means that Jon Snow is not a deceptive son of Rhaegar. He’s indeed a legitimate inheritor to a Iron Throne! Sam doesn’t even collect adult on this AT ALL. Sam decides to leave a Citadel and Oldtown to go north with Gilly and tiny Sam. Thank firmness that Gilly is opening along. She’ll remember that epic block of information when a time is right!

Upon their achievement during Eastwatch, Jon Snow and Davos accommodate with Tormund to pronounce about their plan. The Hound, Beric, and Thoros of Myr are sitting in a cavern together during Eastwatch and offer to accompany Jon over The Wall! Jon allows a fortuitous to come along with him on his debate to locate a wight. This badass organization of organization control out into a snowy abyss in the episode’s final moments. Will they all come behind alive?

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