‘Game of Thrones’ Fans Up in Arms After Season 7 Video Reveal Goes Down

Winter is never coming.

That’s what many Game of Thrones fans suspicion when they were left unresolved during HBO’s deteriorate 7 premiere date exhibit on Thursday.

During a Facebook Live eventuality set to exhibit a lapse date for a dear drama, a network’s video abruptly finished before a large unveiling. HBO announced skeleton to exhibit a date on Facebook and when users visited a show’s page during 2 p.m. ET, a video display a retard of ice appeared, along with a drama’s signature thesis song, rising users into an interactive journey.

Encouraging visitors to “rally a realm,” they were educated to form “Fire” into a comments territory to assistance warp a ice and betray a premiere date.

But 15 mins in — and with some-more than 1 million views and climbing — a video’s feed was cut. After a few minutes, a central Game of Thrones Twitter comment announced “we will be behind and prepared for some-more glow soon.”

Sources told THR a video went down due to a glitch with Facebook and a customary length for a Facebook Live eventuality was not a factor.

Within a few mins a video was behind up, though a different moments in between spurred a flurry of online conversation. Many took to Twitter to during initial extol a newness of a event, and afterwards demonstrate their annoy and disappointment when a feed was lost. There was afterwards a common fun when a feed came behind up.

The video went down a second time, however, promulgation users behind into a tizzy. When it returned — now some-more than an hour given a eventuality began — a page asked users to form “Fire” or “Dracarys” and promised, “almost there.”

At 3:12 p.m. ET, the date was finally revealed: July 16, 2017.

See a flurry of emotions from Game of Thrones fans during Thursday’s exhibit below. 

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