‘Game of Thrones': 10 Old Characters Who Could Resurface in Season 6

The Iron Islanders have a saying: “What is passed competence never die.” Based on what actor Michael McElhatton has to contend about a arriving sixth deteriorate of Game of Thrones, those difference have never been some-more applicable.

“Last deteriorate was a really dim season,” a actor, who plays cruel Roose Bolton, told The Hollywood Reporter at a deteriorate 6 premiere. “Brutal, awful things happened. People were knocked from power, and now, people are going to try to get that energy behind — and some people are really able of removing that energy back. Nothing happens in Game of Thrones incidentally. There is always a cost to pay.”

“We will see people entrance behind from [seasons] 3 and 4 to get revenge,” he continued. “It’s one of a good strengths about a show. ‘Oh, we forgot about that person! Of course!’ There’s a lot of that entrance up.”

Indeed, rumors and trailers comparison have hinted during lapse appearances for several story lines prolonged suspicion deserted — some of them deliberate dead, full-stop. McElhatton’s comments usually strengthen these whispers, opening a floodgates for all kinds of possibilities.

Who from a comparison seasons of Thrones might lapse in year six? Here’s a glance during 10 possibilities:

1. Walder Frey (David Bradley)

The toxic primogenitor of House Frey has already been reliable for a deteriorate 6 return, as seen in the latest trailer. Walder final reared his sniveling conduct in a final part of deteriorate three, gloating about his purpose in a Red Wedding. Since then, viewers have awaited his lapse — and his eventual, unavoidable comeuppance for slaughtering a Starks. If there’s any probity in a world, deteriorate 6 will move accurately that.

2. Edmure Tully (Tobias Menzies)

Another male final seen in deteriorate three, Edmure was prisoner during a Red Wedding, yet not killed. He spends his successive days in Lannister control in a books — and given a show’s lapse to Riverrun this year, there’s reason to trust Edmure’s predestine on a uncover competence compare his predestine on a page.

3. The Blackfish (Clive Russell)

Yet another impression final seen during a Red Wedding, yet a predestine of Brynden Tully stays unknown; distinct his niece Catelyn and nephew Edmure, a Blackfish was conjunction killed nor held during that fatal night. For years, fans have speculated over a Blackfish’s whereabouts, awaiting him to cocktail behind adult during any moment. Riverrun’s renewed purpose on a uncover usually heightens those expectations.

4. The Brotherhood Without Banners (Richard Dormer and Paul Kaye)

Remember Beric Dondarrion and Thoros of Myr, a roving warriors fighting for a tiny folk of Westeros? These group continue to have a purpose in a books, despite an astonishing one. Signs are indicating to their probable lapse for deteriorate six, and here’s one large reason why: Thoros’ ability to revive Beric with glow sorcery would be a useful sign for Melisandre (Carice outpost Houten) and a certain passed particular draining out on The Wall.

5. Catelyn Stark (Michelle Fairley)

Speaking of passed people, are viewers finally due for some Lady Stoneheart action? For those who don’t know, a defunct Catelyn comes behind from a passed in a books, fueled by fury and reprisal opposite a Freys and Lannisters. Many readers trust Stoneheart won’t ever seem on a uncover — if a array stranded to a books, she would have incited adult nearby a finish of seasons 3 or 4 — yet those same fans have been proven wrong time and time again.

6. Eddard Stark (Sean Bean)

Unlike Cat, her passed father Ned won’t retreat his fate. However, he’s roughly guaranteed to spin adult in deteriorate six, with justification of an Eddard flashback ascent and ascent with any new trailer. The Tower of Joy is coming, and immature Ned Stark is entrance with it. It is known.

7. Rickon Stark (Art Parkinson)

Who could forget a youngest Stark sibling? (Don’t answer that.) Rickon was final seen during a finish of deteriorate three, streamer off with Osha distant divided from his hermit Bran. If ghosts from a past are about to haunt Roose Bolton, there’s no one some-more frightening than a Stark child reborn, even if it’s a many forgettable member of a family.

8. The Hound (Rory McCann)

Like Eddard, Sandor Clegane is strongly rumored for a deteriorate 6 comeback. Ian McShane all yet reliable a suspicion in a array of Mar 2016 interviews, suggesting his purpose in bringing a dear impression behind from a passed — a impression many fans trust to be The Hound, still alive and now atoning for his aroused past. 

9. Gendry (Joe Dempsie)

Assuming he ever figured out how to quarrel a boat, and didn’t only drown in a Narrow Sea, afterwards maybe we’ll see Dempsie on a uncover again. After all, he’s a closest thing House Baratheon has to an tangible successor — outside of Tommen, of course, and he doesn’t count.

10. Benjen Stark (Joseph Mawle)

Last time Game of Thrones flirted with bringing Benjen behind into a picture, it was indeed zero some-more than a prank, one that finished with several daggers in Jon Snow’s chest. In other words, we’ve been burnt by this one before — yet if a day ever arrives that Uncle Benjen returns, design it to be an epic one.

Game of Thrones returns on Apr 24. Follow THR’s coverage of a uncover here.

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