Fyre Festival: Founder Billy McFarland jailed for 6 years

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Billy McFarland concurred he had tricked people’s trust in him

The owner of a luckless Fyre Festival – called a “complete disaster” by fans – has been jailed for 6 years by a US judge.

Billy McFarland, 26, pleaded guilty to rascal progressing this year.

A decider on Thursday described him as “a sequence fraudster” who had been prejudiced for “most of his life”.

Partygoers were betrothed a oppulance eventuality in a Bahamas though instead were stranded on an island though adequate food, H2O or accommodation.

The eventuality in Apr 2017 was eventually cancelled and hundreds of people evacuated.

Tickets had cost between $1,200 and $100,000 (£900 and £75,000).

“Today, McFarland found out a tough approach that dull promises don’t lead to jet-setting, champagne and impracticable parties – they lead to sovereign prison,” pronounced US Attorney for Manhattan, Geoffrey Berman.

Addressing a justice on Thursday, McFarland pronounced he knew he had “betrayed a trust of my investors, my customers, my family”.

He pronounced a sentencing was an “extremely sour reality”.

McFarland pleaded guilty in Mar to dual depends of handle rascal associated to a festival, though afterwards in Jul certified dual some-more depends of rascal relating to another ticket-selling rascal that he had set adult while on bail.

In October, prosecutors requested that McFarland offer between 11 and 14 years in prison, describing him as “the unqualified criminal artist”.

Sentencing on Thursday, Judge Naomi Reice Buchwald pronounced McFarland was “unique in this court’s memory”.

“The suspect is a sequence fraudster and to date his fraud, like a circle, has no end,” she told a justice in Manhattan. “Mr McFarland has been prejudiced many of his life.”

Fyre Festival was billed as a “cultural impulse combined from a mix of music, art and food” in a Bahamas.

Tickets enclosed a moody from Miami; a stay in a “geodesic dome” and activities including yoga and kayaking.

It had primarily been advertised with an Instagram video featuring famous models sailing on a oppulance yacht and tip song acts such as Blink-182 were on a bill.

But festival-goers posted videos and photos online of a “mass chaos” and “a contest disaster”.

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The rapper Ja Rule, who was creatively described as a co-organiser of a event, was not arrested or charged in tie with a fraud.

His lawyers have given argued that McFarland used a artist’s name and connectors to foster a event.