Future Hints Ciara Has Been Cheating on Russell WIlson: Responds to Engagement News

Future Hints Ciara Has Been Cheating on Russell WIlson: Responds to Engagement News

Future is unequivocally indignant about news that Ciara and Russell Wilson are formulation to tie a knot and now he’s accusing his Body Party singing baby mom of unctuous behind to lie with him while staying innocent with Wilson.

It’s been flattering transparent via Ciara’s relationship with a Seattle Seahawks quarterback that her baby daddy has been flattering dissapoint that she changed on. The Turn On The Lights rapper has been trolling his baby mama’s new attribute so tough that many fans are starting to consider a Atlanta hip hopper is only sour after losing his former fiancee.

A many new meme has been common that depicts Russell Wilson penning a confused minute to his sexless partner where he says, “Dear Ciara, Season is going well. The guys put a span of Gucci flip flops in my locker…I don’t get it.” Apparently, Future suspicion a fun was waggish and strike a like button, environment off even some-more rumors.

The Instagram meme is referencing a line from Future’s strain Thought It Was a Drought where he raps ‘I only f*** your b**** in some Gucci flip flops.’ According to Straight From The A, Future didn’t post a meme himself. When it was destined during his amicable media, a rapper was discerning to strike a like button.

Ever given Russell and Ciara done their relationship public, Future has been throwing uninterrupted shade during a presumably innocent luminary energy couple. When it was announced that Russell and his Dance Like We’re Making Love thespian partner would be abstaining as they wait for matrimony to do a deed, Future done it transparent there was no watchful concerned for him.

Now it looks like a sour baby daddy is perplexing to make it sound like he and Ciara never stopped hooking up. The newest insult from Future isn’t expected to share adult a Seattle Seahawks luminary though. Wilson seems flattering assured that his attribute with Ciara is indisputable and all a shade in a universe won’t get in a approach of their relationship.

On a other hand, Future has been posting a jagged series of cinema of his child to Instagram lately. Is a uncertain rapper perplexing to make certain that Russell Wilson doesn’t take over daddy avocation too?

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