Fuck Everything About This Story — Howbow Dah??

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Remember a Cash me ousside girl?? Who could forget her??

Her genuine name is Danielle Bregoli, and theory what — she’s (probably) richer than we are!

That’s since Bregoli is parlaying her cash me ousside how crawl dah celebrity into personal appearances that are concealment her A MINIMUM OF $30,000 A DAY!!!

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That’s right — a cash me ousside lady gets THIRTY FUCKIN’ GRAND to uncover adult during clubs and festivals — and per a TMZ report, that series bumps adult to a smallest of $40,000 if/when she leaves a nation for an event.

What in a fuck???

No, severely — WHAT IN THE FUCK???

Apparently, a bar in New York offering Bregoli $5,000 to make an appearance, and she “just laughed and passed” on a money, according to TMZ.

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So a Cash me ousside lady is creation SO most income on open appearances during $30,000 a pop, she can spin down a measly $5,000 but even meditative about it for a moment.


And how’s your career going, dear Perezcious reader?! Are we gonna make 30 grand only for display adult during a bar tonight??


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