From Anushka Sharma’s marriage ring to Justin Bieber’s pre-concert antics – here is a roundup of a best of BollywoodLife’s news coverage

You can always rest on BollywoodLife to move we a juiciest pieces of report from a B-Town. As a year 2017 comes to an end, we are here to remind we of a best we brought to we this year. From chasing Justin Bieber pre-concert to anticipating out how Virat Kohli bought a ideal ring for Anushka Sharma – we have left miles for you. Well, miles to go before we nap though. Check out a best of BollywoodLife from 2017, right here:

Mia Khalifa is NOT starring in any Indian film

Mia, who has progressing pronounced that she is “never stepping feet in India,” is not violation her vouch anytime soon. We got in hold with Mia’s repute and were sensitive that reports about her creation a entrance with a Malayalam film are “false.” In fact, they serve combined that she and her group “have had no discussions with anyone” for a plan in India during all. That is utterly discordant to a reports that were creation a rounds suggesting, “Mia will have a impression purpose detached from an object dance in Chunkzz 2: The Conclusion.”

Salman Khan is busy, so am we – Sanjay Dutt REACTS on his barbarous FALLOUT

Reports suggested that there were some issues that apparently soured family between them. The fact that Salman did not revisit Sanjay in Yerwada Jail apparently dissapoint him a lot. BollywoodLife met Sanjay Dutt and asked him about how people were extraordinary to know a benefaction equation between a superstars. While Sanjay did seem a small irritated during a question, his answer was a wise respond for all naysayers. He said, “Salman is busy, so am I. We don’t accommodate any other each day…He is like my brother.”

EXCLUSIVE! We know all about Justin Bieber’s private pool event before a Purpose debate concert

We were a initial ones to EXCLUSIVELY tell we that Justin Bieber was snapped during Vashi’s Inorbit mall where he was seen sipping some black coffee during Starbucks. After that, he sneaked out of a mall and jumped off a wall in sequence to equivocate any communication with a crowd! we know that sounds damn crazy though it’s true! We happened to locate a glance of a thespian during a mall there and that’s how we saw him pretence a crowd. Click on a integrate to review a full story

Part 1 – Bollywood Exposed: The REAL law about box bureau numbers revealed!

Part 2 – Bollywood Exposed: Do box bureau clashes unequivocally impact films or is it only for publicity?

“The authentic total are a ones that a writer gets, though doesn’t give out! But carrying pronounced that, there are a few companies like a Yash Raj Films, that is a scrupulous organization and would not increase or discourage total for a heck of it. They are a kind of association that will accept a wave when a film flops and applaud a strike when a film becomes a hit. And we need those people to lead by example,” trade consultant Akshay Rathi told us as we investigated a law behind box-office numbers.

Shah Rukh Khan gifts Salman Khan a oppulance automobile for his guest coming in Aanand L Rai’s film – review disdainful details

Salman Khan has a cameo in Shah Rukh Khan’s arriving film with Aanand L Rai. As a token of appreciation, Shah Rukh means Salman Khan a lush automobile for his guest coming in a movie. As a source suggested to us exclusively, “When Salman Khan came to fire for a song, Shah Rukh astounded him by gifting him a code new, lush car. The automobile is newly launched and no one owns this meant appurtenance currently. Salman was repelled as he wasn’t awaiting this during all. But since he had managed his dates and concluded to fire for a strain on such a brief notice, SRK wanted to present him something to uncover his adore and appreciation.”

EXCLUSIVE! Virat Kohli spent 3 months sport for a ideal marriage ring for Anushka Sharma

The hottest speak of a city right now is Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli’s marriage and righteously so. After all, it’s is a marriage of a year and what a jubilee it has been! From a looks of a marriage pics and videos common on amicable media, a dual demeanour extraordinary together. Each pic proves what a ideal integrate they are. Adding to all a marriage shenanigans, we also told we as to how Virat spent about 3 months, only to finalise a many pleasing marriage ring for Anushka.

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