French Officials Reveal New Details About Anthony Bourdain’s Hotel Room & Cause Of Death

French officials have only expelled a few new, important sum about a stage they found in that hotel room where Anthony Bourdain died on Friday.

Prosecutor Christian de Rocquigny suggested to a media a few critical pieces of information on Saturday and reliable that there were no indications anyone entered Bourdain’s room before to his death, and there was no pointer of tainted play involved.

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Beyond that, a prosecutor also confirmed that Bourdain died in a lavatory of his hotel by suicide, and that a transport TV horde used a belt from his bath dress as a device to hang himself.

Bourdain’s physique is now undergoing toxicology tests; officials wish to know if a Parts Unknown horde was on any medications, drugs, or ethanol during a time of his death.

But a biggest news is about that hotel room — and a belt used in a unresolved — as it seems to endorse what was straightforwardly apparent from a start: Bourdain, sadly, died by suicide.


[Image around Apega/WENN.]

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