French mag publishes ‘first photos’ of George & Amal’s Clooney’s twins

My queendom for a luscious report story this summer. we badly need some outrageous divorce or intrigue scandal. we need something non-violent though untrustworthy as ruin to get me by a final half of a summer (Taylor Swift, greatfully do SOMETHING). Because a stream report is like examination paint dry, right? So, this is what passes from report during a tail finish of July: George Clooney and Amal’s babies in Como, Italy. The Clooney family has been vacationing during George’s Lake Como villa for weeks now, that is his common summer vacation. He’s really old-school European, a George. He sets aside dual months or some-more each year to go to Como, and this is his initial summer there as a father. His twins are roughly dual months old, and Amal’s family is apparently on palm to assistance out. The French repository Voici got some disdainful shots of George and Amal holding Alexander/Sasha and Ella (lord we wish they call that child Sasha Clooney). George seems to be all about ancillary a baby’s neck!

Here’s a coward People Mag disdainful to go along with a new photo:

George and Amal Clooney’s summer vacation in Italy has all a informed hallmarks of their go-to Jul getaways: sun-kissed downtime during their villa on Lake Como and laughter-filled pasta dinners with friends.

This time, however, there are dual newcomers on a la dolce vita scene: Ella and Alexander, a couple’s 7-week-old twins. And a new relatives are relishing each moment.

“George and Amal are really hands-on,” a source tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue. “The babies keep them really busy, though they both seem to adore being parents.”

“The continue has been illusory — balmy and comfortable each day,” a source adds. “George and Amal are enjoying a summer with their babies. Both seem really happy.”

[From People]

They’re really happy. They’re happy. It’s fantastic. So happy. Much hands on. I’m not shading a Clooneys, I’m only unfortunate for scandal. Tell me they’ve hired twenty nannies already since they’re going crazy. Tell me that Amal screams bloody murder during George constantly. Tell me that he’s drowning himself in tequila. SOMETHING.

Photos pleasantness of WENN, cover pleasantness of Page Six Voici.