Fredrik Eklund on a Parenting Advice He Ignored from Bethenny Frankel- and a Sweet Nickname  He Gave Andy Cohen’s Son

Every new primogenitor looks to friends and family to assistance beam them by a hurdles of lifting children, though being a luminary comes with a possess set of difficulties. Fredrik Eklund of Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing incited to his good crony (and mom of Bryn, 8) Bethenny Frankel for recommendation when he initial found out he was carrying twins, Milla and Fredrik Jr., with father Derek Kaplan behind in 2017.

“She’s so funny, since we told her about a twins, and she was usually like ‘Wow, get ready, Freddy. You have no idea. You consider we know, though we have no idea,” a appetite genuine estate attorney told PEOPLE during a launch of his Douglas Elliman Miami genuine estate group on Thursday during a Soho House.

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But Frankel also gave Eklund specific recommendation relating to fame, that he motionless not to follow. “She pronounced ‘Keep that appetite tighten to you’, because, we think, we overshare a kids – like we put them on Instagram and on a show,” he said. “It’s usually who we am, though she pronounced ‘Don’t do it’.”

With discussions about children on amicable media during an all-time high (even among celebrities!), Eklund pronounced it was something he deliberate delicately during a time. “We talked a lot about it, Derek and I. Because we can’t unequivocally ask (the babies),” he said. “I’ve usually been on TV for so many years now.”

Eklund’s business partner, John Gomes (pictured next during a event, with co-worker Eklund and Julia Spillman) is also a father of twins a month detached from Eklund’s, and common that his luminary parenting impulse is  pals John Legend and Chrissy Teigen, who he says prioritize children Luna and Miles above all else. “It’s so moving to see people who have such bustling lives=to not let any of that sound impact your attribute with your child,” he said. “You make that child your front and core and your series one priority. we suspicion if they can do that with all a things they have going on, afterwards we can do that!”

As a Bravo family fast expands with a further of Andy Cohen’s son, Benjamin, Eklund is still watchful to join the list of friends who have paid a baby a visit. But a genuine estate noble has oral to him, and bestowed an darling nickname on a infant. “I’ve been texting him about it, because, we know how strenuous it is,” he explained. “Not usually is your phone floating up, and we get baby garments and flowers and everybody we ever met perplexing to get in hit with you, though afterwards we also have a newborn, or in my box two, so we texted him and he texted behind and we pronounced ‘Now we have your possess Mousy’ since he calls me Mousy and we call him Mousy, so that’s great.”