Former VA AG Ken Cuccinelli told Symone D. Sanders to ‘shut up’ on CNN

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I’ve lived in Virginia for a while, so I’m flattering informed with all of a local-state politicians. Virginia breeds a uncanny form of Republican and a poetic form of Democrat. Most of a Democratic governors finish adult being middle-of-the-road centrists (Mark Warner, Tim Kaine) who come opposite like decent-but-boring guys for a many part. The Republicans are something else yet – a final Republican governor, Bob McDonnell, was famous especially for dual things. One was a well-deserved nickname of Governor Ultrasound, since he wanted to force transvaginal ultrasounds on each lady seeking an abortion. The other was his ubiquitous sleaziness and corruption, that led to him being charged with about a dozen depends of open crime (most of a charges were later dropped).

During McDonnell’s tenure, he was flattering tighten to his profession general, Ken Cuccinelli. Cuccinelli was like McDonnell, usually somehow creepier and sleazier. He ran for administrator in 2013 and mislaid to a stream governor, Terry McAuliffe, a Democrat. Cuccinelli has always been accurately this kind of “George Wallace In A Better Suit” Republican. And this morning, Ken Cuccinelli motionless to go on CNN and #NotAllWhiteSupremacists with Chris Cuomo. He finished adult revelation CNN commentator Symone D. Sanders to “shut up.” Just watch a video – it happens within a initial dual minutes.

Cuomo rubbed it flattering well. Sanders was pissed too:

Here’s a tip for CNN, MSNBC and other networks: greatfully don’t entice these good ‘ol boys on atmosphere to plead how white leverage is unequivocally someone else’s fault. Here in Virginia, we didn’t opinion for Cuccinelli for a reason: since he’s a gigantic, gaping a–hole. No one cares what he has to contend about Charlottesville or anything else.

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