Former ROH Star Says His Interest In WWE Is "Through The Roof," Reveals If WWE Has Contacted Him

Lio Rush spoke with Ring Rust Radio on a series of wrestling topics. You can hear his full comments in a video above. Here are some of a highlights:

His seductiveness in going to WWE and if he’s been contacted by them:

“Of course, we feel like everybody’s long-term idea should be in a WWE. If we hear anybody contend a WWE would never be my categorical goal, that’s finish bulls—. We all grew adult examination WWE; there wasn’t any other thing on TV other than WWE. WWE was a categorical reason people wanted to indeed turn a wrestler. My seductiveness in WWE again is by a roof. we haven’t been contacted by WWE, though a personification margin right now with a cruiserweights, and that’s been rather of a categorical concentration with them, it drives me to turn better. It puts a bit of a chip on my shoulder and creates me a small sour since that is deliberate to be a best cruiserweights in a world. So for me to not be a partial a same review with a best cruiserweights in a universe with a biggest graduation in a world, it usually creates me wish to be there that most more.”

Growing adult with Patrick Clark (The Velveteen Dream) and saying him succeed:

“I positively adore it and Patrick is a intelligent dude. He’s even younger than we am, that is crazy. He usually incited 22 and he landed himself a pursuit for life over there. He is a really intelligent dude, he is really common and knows what he’s doing inside and outward a ring. we consider that’s really critical since we have to be a businessman as good as a veteran wrestler/athlete inside a ring. It’s positively implausible to see what he’s doing right now. We both grew adult in a business together, we knew any other in high school, both pledge wrestled in a same city so we knew of any other, we sealed adult with a MCW training core during a same accurate time within that new propagandize that open adult in Maryland and graduated together. We shaped a tab group and we both kind of done a name for ourselves. Fortunately for him, he was means to gain on that Tough Enough mark he had and landed himself a pursuit so that’s positively implausible to see what he’s doing right now. we can’t wait to see a growth of his Velveteen Dream impression since Patrick is a intelligent dude and he knows accurately what he is doing notwithstanding his age. I’m happy to see what kind of reactions he’s going to be removing from a fans.”

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Wanting to work for NJPW and being concerned in a Best of a Super Juniors tournament:

“My seductiveness with New Japan is by a roof. It’s one of a usually places we haven’t been and that’s crazy for me to contend since of my age and how prolonged I’ve been doing this. I’ve been all around a universe Canada, Mexico, Germany, Ireland, England and all over a United States, and we feel like Japan is somewhere we could surpass during so most and presumably go even bigger and serve than me in a United States. we consider my character would adjust so good over there. My perspective on a New Japan Best of Super Juniors, during my age during times we get frightened since I’ve achieved so most so we don’t know what’s subsequent or what else we could accomplish, though a New Japan contest that’s usually something that cooking me up. Not that we can’t, though that we wasn’t partial of it since it’s a best juniors and cruiserweight in a universe and for me not to be partial of that is a small frustrating. we would really adore to be partial of New Japan and hopefully be in that contest one day.”

Again, we can hear Lio Rush’s full comments in a video above.

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