Former Jerry Springer Producer Arrested Again For Murder Of Deaf Sister

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Back in 2015, Jill Blackstone — a former writer on The Jerry Springer Show — was arrested for a purported murder of her deaf and partially blind sister, Wendy. The Sally Jessy Raphael Show alum was expelled dual days later.

According to TMZ on Thursday, a TV exec was arrested again on Tuesday during Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore for a purported crime.

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Three years ago, Wendy died from a multiple of CO monoxide poisoning and Xanax, and was found — subsequent to a BBQ griddle and a self-murder note — on a building of a sisters’ garage.

Authorities reportedly trust Jill orchestrated a whole thing, and was a one who wrote a note. Not usually was a writer treated for CO monoxide poisoning, she was allegedly a usually chairman who saw Wendy dual days before her death.

There are reports that a dual sisters concluded to a self-murder pact, with Jill subsidy out during a final second.

Wendy’s 3 dogs also died in a purported incident.

Jill was requisitioned for murder and 3 depends of animal cruelty. She will conduct behind to Los Angeles for prosecution.

[Image around The Jerry Springer Show/Instagram.]

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