Former Charlie’s Angel Star Jaclyn Smith Is ‘Thrilled’ to Be a Grandma: ‘I Don’t Want to Be Away From Her’

Jaclyn Smith couldn’t wait to turn a grandmother.

“The adore that we have for your children, it’s like ‘Oh my God. But this is even bigger — there are no words,” a former Charlie’s Angels star tells PEOPLE of welcoming granddaughter Bea in Sep 2016. “I was anxious to turn a grandma.”

Smith, 71, says she was a really protecting primogenitor though has schooled to take records from her daughter Spencer Margaret, 31, on being some-more laid-back as a first-time grandparent.

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“Last night we were personification with Bea and H2O got all over a sleeve of a pajamas and we go, ‘Oh that’s horrible!’ and Spencer Margaret said, ‘Mom, that’s gonna dry. She’s enjoying herself.’ She’s a giveaway spirit, and that’s good,” says Smith.

Spencer Margaret’s husband, actor Fran Kranz, is now operative in New York, that means lots of grandma time for Bea during home in Los Angeles as good as on family trips around a globe.

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“I got a possibility to go to Rome recently and we wanted Spencer Margaret to come along,” says Smith. “She said, ‘Only if we can take Bea.’ we pronounced of course! we don’t wish to be divided from her ever.”

Spencer Margaret’s pregnancy was not usually a personal fun for Smith, though also led to a new veteran try for a family. As partial of Smith’s ongoing partnership with Kmart, a singer and her daughter have launched a new layette set called Spencer.

“I was doing a assembly on my attire line and we said, ‘I’d adore to pattern baby clothes,’ ” says Smith, who recently starred conflicting John Travolta in The People vs. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story and Katherine Heigl in Unforgettable. “And they listened and they said, ‘Boy, that’s a best thought I’ve heard.’ ”

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“You maybe would consider we’d see things a same way, though we don’t” Smith says of operative with Spencer Margaret on a collection. “She finished me improved and we finished her better. She has a really supportive and vicious eye and she only cannot go with it if she doesn’t like it. She stepped adult my diversion in this area. Her investigate that she did was fascinating.”

Mother and daughter started a Pinterest house where they would share ideas and inspirations for a collection.

“I knew she wanted soft, pale colors and we knew it was going to be a worldly take, not a standard pinkish and blue,” Smith says of going with hunter green, navy and gray for a boys’ line and “whimsical prints” for a girls’.

“I couldn’t have finished this line but Spencer Margaret,” says Smith. “I couldn’t have finished it as sophisticated. we maybe would have finished it in a some-more baby-baby way. we consider carrying mixed points of perspective is critical — and creation this a family plan was a good approach to spend time together.”

Spencer is now accessible during Kmarts national and during