For Some Unknown Reason, YouTube STILL Wants To Work With Logan Paul…

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As ashamed a YouTube star as he might be right now, Logan Paul STILL has a shot to get behind in YouTube’s good graces — nonetheless for what, exactly???

Paul’s projects have been placed on reason “indefinitely” with a network, and even nonetheless he can still reap ad income from people examination his videos, he has been nude of his Google Preferred status ever given that ashamed attempt he pulled in Japan.

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But now, it sounds like even nonetheless projects are being pulled divided from Logan Paul left and right, YouTube STILL isn’t prepared to entirely partial ways with him yet.

That’s according to Robert Kyncl, Google‘s arch business officer vocalization during a Television Critics Association press debate on Saturday sounding like he REALLY wasn’t prepared to let go of Logan Paul:

“We don’t know [if we will work with Logan Paul again.] we couldn’t unequivocally answer that. Everything is elaborating so quick and a best thing we can do is make certain we put all projects on reason indefinitely. Actions should pronounce louder than words. Logan has a event to infer that … we think, obviously, we trust he’s done missteps, hapless missteps. He’s voiced distress really quickly. And uh, is training from a experience.”


The really clarification of white masculine privilege… both for Logan, and that always-controversial and presumably extremist hermit of his, too.

Un. Real.

[Image around YouTube.]

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