Foolproof Toddler Haircut Tips (So You Both Don’t End Up in Tears)

What It Is: Priv, an on-demand beauty and wellness app that customarily combined children’s haircuts to a services 

Who Tried It: Andrea Lavinthal, Style Beauty Director

My misfortune mom destroy was when we let my father give my son, Saxon, his initial haircut. we suspicion he was competent for a pursuit given he used to cut my hair when we was a kid. Plus, he’s prudent about his possess coming (he’s a customarily father we know who uses a Mason Pearson brush), so certainly he’d pierce his bathing A-game for such a miracle occasion. Not to mention, there’s customarily something unequivocally honeyed about a grandfather slicing his grandson’s hair. 

So during a new family vacation, we all packaged into my parents’ hotel lavatory to watch my father cut Saxon’s hair. And by cut, we meant butcher. First, he hacked off a territory in a front that had been unresolved in Saxon’s eyes so it looked like blunt bangs. Then, he chopped off a cube on a left side. we stopped him before he could tackle a rest, withdrawal Saxon with a character that, according to my comparison brother, looked customarily like  pro golfer John Daly’s signature ‘do. If we don’t know who John Daly is, greatfully suffer this visual. Needless to say, we cried some-more than my toddler that day. 

I swore we would never cut his hair again, though about 8 weeks later, his bangs were in his eyes again and his mullet was now issuing past his shirt collar. we knew we indispensable veteran help. 

I deliberate holding him to a place that specializes in children’s haircuts, though a one in my Brooklyn area had some flattering monster reviews on Facebook. Regular salons are an option, though we didn’t know how to find a stylist that was good with kids. Then someone told me that Priv, a on-demand beauty and wellness app that services embody blowouts, mist tan, makeup, manis/pedis and many more, was now charity children’s cuts in New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Austin, and Washington, DC for around $50 (tip included). While sincerely pricey for a child’s haircut, it’s not many some-more than some of a specialty kids’ salons in my area cost, and a preference of gripping his intensity meltdown corralled within my possess home was value a additional cost. Based on my possess certain practice with a app (I’ve used it to have my hair and makeup finished for an event) and a fact that a haircut would be in a comfort of a possess vital room, we went forward and requisitioned an appointment with a stylist named Natalia Stolearenco. 

When Natalia arrived, we gave her and Saxon a few mins to get to know any other. Her quiet, palliate appearance immediately put him during ease. I, on a other hand, nervously hovered around her as she fixed a garment around his neck and misted his hair with H2O (which he loved). Luckily, like many people who work with children, Natalia was used to traffic with highly-strung parents. The initial thing we beheld was that aside from display him all of her collection and vouchsafing him reason one of her combs, she hardly spoke to him while she cut his hair. we disturbed that a miss of communication and party would make him restless, though her near-silence indeed cold him out so many that he looked like he was going to tumble asleep. 

After she was finished with a cut, she blow-dried his hair and spotless adult a edges with clippers before requesting a little bit of product. When we saw his new ‘do, we started crying. Only this time, they were tears of happiness. Even my father certified that it was a good cut. 

Since Priv isn’t accessible everywhere yet, we asked Natalia to share some of her tips to safeguard your child has a certain haircut experience:

Limit Sugar: Too many sugarine before a haircut can make it harder for both a child and stylist given sugarine can means restlessness. 

Start Slow: Give your child some time to get informed with their vicinity and a chairman doing a haircut. Introducing your child to a stylist before they take out their pack is an combined bonus. Once a child has warmed adult to a stylist, afterwards have them empty all of their gear. 

Let Them Lead: Sometimes putting on a garment can be intimidating for kids, generally if it’s being forced on them. Forcing them to wear a garment might change a mood and a rest of a experience. If your child gives push-back per a cape, customarily let it be and keep an additional shirt around so we can fast change them after it’s over.

Over Explain: Spray bottles, combs, blow dryers, clippers — uncover a child how they all work before using them. This will build trust and it helps equivocate a startle of new sounds and feelings; generally if it’s their initial time. You know your child best, so possibly ask a stylist to explain all before starting or take a reigns if we consider they’ll take to your difference best. 

Be a Role Model: If your child seems really nervous, we might wish to ask a stylist to cut a tiny square of your hair first. Once they see it doesn’t hurt, it might make them wish to be customarily like you. 

Less is More:  Keeping a sourroundings still customarily keeps them calm. There’s no need to keep distracting them with toys and phones if they’re customarily curiously watching what’s going on. Overstimulation can make them hyper, so creation them pierce around even more.