Flashback Video: Matt Hardy Talks Brock Lesnar Wanting Hard Chairshots, Fighting For Real With Him

In a video above, Matt Hardy talked about his practice operative with Brock Lesnar when Lesnar initial got to a WWE and after about a year with a company. During a Hardys argument with Lesnar, Matt spoke on how Brock wanted complicated chairshots from him and his brother, Jeff Hardy:

“I remember being a behind and Brock saying, ‘Okay now, whenever we come with a chairs, make certain we lay them in, we wish to make certain they demeanour good.’ we was like, ‘Don’t worry. Are we sure?’ He’s like, ‘Yeah lay them in, lay them in.’ we said, ‘Oh don’t worry, we will.’ So, I’m like that too man, we can get assertive out there and we remember we bloody him with those dual chairshots and we remember him only walking behind and he had this demeanour in his eye, where we can tell a man is unequivocally f—– up. And we remember we got in a behind and he’s like ‘Thank you’ and we pronounced ‘Were those chairshots okay?’ and he pronounced ‘Yeah, we consider they were. Were they okay?’ He unequivocally didn’t remember anything.”

Here are a chairshots Matt was referencing:

Matt talked about a year after on SmackDown when he whacked Brock in a behind of a conduct (on accident, to equivocate Brock’s legit rib injury) and slicing him open badly. Afterwards, Brock came backstage murderous by what happened and a dual were scheduled to have a compare after in a show. Matt had to go behind out to a ring to have a compare with Lesnar and suspicion he competence have to quarrel for his life. About a initial chairshot, Matt said:

“When we came out, we was using as tough as we could and we swung that chair as tough as we could anyways, since we was going to lay into him. And we held him with mouth of a chair in a behind of his conduct and we separate his conduct open, there was a scar, it was brutal. …I remember entrance to a behind and revelation Shannon Moore, ‘I f—– him up, he is not going to be happy’ we gotta go twelve mins with Brock Lesnar, we know he wants to kill me. we only remember him entrance by Gorilla [Position] and he’s like, ‘What a f—?! What a f—, Matt!'”

Hardy pronounced he apologized and was only perplexing to equivocate a ribs, like Lesnar requested. For a match, Matt pronounced Lesnar was stiff, though really safe, notwithstanding being angry. Below is a shave of a chairshot that cut Brock’s conduct open and their compare after in a night.

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