Fitness information and photos assistance display competition cheat

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Marathon Investigation

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The site investigates competition formula to base out runners who do not contest fairly

Fitness tracker information has helped to locate out a distinguished food blogger who cheated while regulating a half-marathon.

Digital investigator work suggested Jane Seo had missed out 1.5 miles of a 13.1 mile march of a Fort Lauderdale race.

It also showed she attempted to cover adult a dishonesty by regulating information collected by roving a bike turn a course.

After being exposed, Ms Seo posted an reparation to her Instagram page over her conduct, observant she was an “idiot”.

Watching time

Ms Seo, who frequently blogs about food for a Huffington Post, has now been unfit for slicing a course.

If her time of 1 hour 21 mins had stood, she would have come second out of a 4,000 runners that took part.

The research of a competition information was carried out by Derek Murphy, a business analyst, who, in his gangling time, runs a Marathon Investigation website that seeks to display racing cheats.

In his analysis, Mr Murphy pronounced his suspicions had been worried since Ms Seo had run a second half of a competition almost faster than a initial 6 miles.

Typically, he said, runners of continuation events slowed down as tired took a toll.

Also pivotal was a print display Ms Seo with her finishing medal, that suggested she had ragged a GPS watch to lane her swell around a course.

Mr Murphy bought a duplicate of a photo, and when he zoomed in on a watch found it showed she had run usually 11.65 miles.

Mr Murphy also analysed information Ms Seo had posted to a aptness tracking site Strava after on a day of a race.

Initially, Ms Seo claimed this irreproachable her explain to have finished a course.

But Mr Murphy found a information had been submitted hours after a competition and a impression of a information suggested it had been generated by roving a bike.

When Mr Murphy confronted Ms Seo with his findings, she posted an reparation to her Instagram account.

In it she pronounced she had done a “horrible choice” and her actions had left her “ashamed”.

Ms Seo has now deleted her Instagram account.

It is not transparent since Ms Seo motionless to skip out some tools of a Florida competition course.

However, some runners have been famous to lie since posting a quick time helps them benefit entrance to some-more prestigious races.

“This is nonetheless another box of a curtain creation bad decisions,” wrote Mr Murphy.