Fit Mom Chontel Duncan Details Her Post-Baby Workout on Instagram

Chontel Duncan is prepared to start operative out again — and she’ll be tracking her post-baby swell any week.

The Australian tutor gave birth to her second child, son Swayde, on Sept. 20, and after dual weeks of focusing on her nutrition, a fit mom is prepared to start her possess 8-week post-baby examination routine.

“I did this after my initial pregnancy, yet it was months after a birth,” Duncan wrote of a aptness program, sharing it alongside a Instagram print above. “I bewail not doing it earlier to be honest, since it FORCED me to find a new slight that concerned prioritising my new bubba, business life my possess health. For those months that we wasn’t doing a module we felt really uneasy, lost, out of routine, delinquent to my possess health, behind in work, sterile so ALL OVER a place.”

Chontel Duncan and her son Swayde.
Khloe Kardashian/Snapchat

“What we satisfied when we was on a module is that we CAN still feel like me, be a ma get st finished all during a same time,” she continued. “This module does some-more afterwards only change your earthy appearance, it changes your life even when your life seems so chaotic, this module will force we to juggle it all like a boss.”

Duncan had formerly common that she was starting her possess “8 week mutation program,” explaining that, “for a initial few weeks it will be all about a nourishment plan. When we am given a all clear we will incorporate light walking and eventually be means to go behind to training.”

Chontel Duncan and her son Jeremiah in September.
Khloe Kardashian/Snapchat

She combined that her goals for a subsequent dual weeks embody slip walking and regulating a step master and “find a successful morning slight so I’m not eating super late in a day due to fussing over a dual bubs like a headless duck feel my aged fit self again.”

Then for weeks 4-8 of her mutation program, Duncan skeleton to “introduce HIIT classes (Strength Conditioning and Muay Thai) and Isolated strength sessions.”

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Even yet Duncan already has her abs back, she has emphasized to her supporters that this is only her physique type.

“Now before anyone jumps down my throat observant anything disastrous consider before we type. Everyone is singular and opposite in their possess special way. There is no ‘one’ tour or one way, this is my ‘normal,’ ” she wrote on Instagram.

Chontel Duncan one week after giving birth to her second child in Sep 2017.
Khloe Kardashian/Snapchat

Duncan before her c-section
Khloe Kardashian/Snapchat

Duncan first wowed people opposite a globe with her tiny baby strike during her initial pregnancy with son Jeremiah, now 18 months. The HIIT tutor explained that she has a prolonged torso, so she carries differently.

“I’m clearly intensely high and reason a lot some-more flesh mass,” Duncan formerly told PEOPLE.