Fire Alarm Clears L.A. Theater Showing ‘Force Awakens’; LAFD Reports False Alarm – Update

UPDATED, 8:50 PM: According to amicable media reports, moviegoers who were evacuated from Pacific Theatres during the Grove were authorised behind in, and museum officials started a film over:

PREVIOUSLY, 8:39 PM: There were some moving moments tonight during a Grove in Los Angeles as a Fire Department evacuated a museum that was display Star Wars: The Force Awakens. An LAFD orator tells Deadline mixed glow trucks responded to an alarm during about 8:10 PM and firefighters privileged a theater. They shortly dynamic that it was a fake alarm — someone apparently pulled a glow alarm — and was there was no risk to a public. The trucks have left a scene, though there’s no word about either a screening has continued.

Early reports about a occurrence came via Twitter from Jay Glazer, a longtime author to NFL on Fox and comparison author for