Ferrari ‘could quit’ F1 over rules

Ferrari bosses Maurizio Arrivabene and Sergio Marchionne

Ferrari group principal Maurizio Arrivabene and Sergio Marchionne are opposite Bernie Ecclestone’s latest proposals

Ferrari contend they could cruise their destiny in Formula 1 if a manners change in ways they do not like.

President Sergio Marchionne pronounced quitting was “possible though very, unequivocally unlikely”, adding: “Ferrari would find other ways to demonstrate a ability to competition and to win.

“Ferrari can't be put in a dilemma on a knees and contend nothing.”

The warning comes as F1 trainer Bernie Ecclestone is pulling for a competition to switch to cheaper, easier engines.

What is behind Marchionne’s comments?

Marchionne’s remarks are a latest growth in an ongoing energy onslaught in F1 between a road-car manufacturers on one side and Ecclestone and Jean Todt, boss of ruling physique a FIA, on a other.

The manufacturers succeeded final month in murdering off a devise by Todt and Ecclestone to deliver a cheaper choice engine that would competition alongside a turbo hybrids.

Alberto Ascari celebrates winning a 1951 Italian Grand Prix for Ferrari – a usually group to have raced in each F1 season

That followed a use of Ferrari’s contractual right of halt in Oct to retard a pierce by Todt to force a top on a cost during that engines are sole to patron teams.

But a manufacturers have been forced into similar to demeanour into ways of changing a engines – creation them easier and cheaper, guaranteeing their accessibility and creation them noisier.

Ferrari have also protested opposite a preference by a FIA to extend Ecclestone and Todt a charge “to make recommendations and decisions per a array of dire issues in F1″.

Ferrari’s conflict to Ecclestone

Ferrari have created to a FIA expressing their perspective that it has no right to extend Ecclestone and Todt this energy and that a rule-making procession contingency be followed.

Marchionne said: “It’s a choice that we apparently do not share, since we trust that a growth of a regulations should be finished in a concurrent manner.

“This perspective is also common by Mercedes and Renault. Here we spend hundreds of millions of Euros, so we are articulate about decisions that should not be taken lightly.

“The problem is that in perplexing to emanate a power-unit that is some-more affordable for smaller teams, we are in a approach holding divided from those organisations that are means to develop. And that is a reason since we go racing.

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Sebastian Vettel aiming for fifth pretension in 2016

“We go to a lane to infer to ourselves and to everybody a ability to conduct a energy unit. If we start to criticise this advantage, Ferrari has no goal of racing.”

He pronounced simplifying a record in F1 in a demeanour of a renouned US-based Nascar stock-car racing array would meant a automobile manufacturers “would remove a advantage of knowledge in lane solutions, that can afterwards have an impact on production”.

He pronounced he “understood unequivocally well” a unsafe financial conditions of some of a smaller teams, though added: “This is something that FOM (Ecclestone’s blurb rights company) has to solve; it is not something Ferrari has to solve.”

Marchionne also described Ecclestone’s visit proposals to lapse to a V8 naturally aspirated engines used until 2013 as “an insult”.

He said: “The climate extent in Paris has shown all of us where a trail leads. We can't omit a record that is applicable to prolongation vehicles.

“In 5 to 10 years, a infancy of all vehicles will be versed on a highway with hybrid technology.”

Why did Ferrari use a halt on cheaper engines?

Marchionne pronounced he had blocked a devise to extent a cost of patron engines since it meant an outward physique interfering in Ferrari’s business plan.

“We used [the veto] recently since a offer was out of place,” Marchionne said.

“The problem of this competition is that a regulator can't levy conditions on a mercantile government of a team.

“When we are told that we contingency make a engine and afterwards sell it for dual pounds, from a mercantile indicate of perspective this evidence does not mount – since it is going to change a energetic business that we are managing.

“The mercantile conditions by that a Ferrari engine is supposing to a patron can't be determined by a F1 Commission.”

Ferrari v Red Bull

Marchionne also described as “offensive” a thought that Ferrari should be underneath an requirement to supply Red Bull with a best engines.

Red Bull fell out with engine partner Renault though has been forced to continue with a French association after unwell to secure a supply from Mercedes, Honda and Ferrari.

Red Bull and Ferrari unsuccessful to strech an agreement since a drinks hulk insisted on carrying a same selection of engine as a works team.

Ex-Red Bull motorist Sebastian Vettel won 3 races for Ferrari in 2015 and distinguished 13 podiums while his former group struggled

Marchionne said: “Red Bull is an deficient team. Because if we have an glorious chassis, though we miss a engine, afterwards we are not complete.

“Without a energy section we can have a good chassis, though we will not turn universe champion: we will sojourn in a garage. So we have to do a understanding with a manufacturer.

“But what we find unequivocally descent in this whole event was a explain that someone had to give them an engine to strengthen what is already a unequivocally rival position for them.”