Fernando Torres Suffers Horrific Head Injury During Atletico Madrid Match: Fans Pray

How terrifying! Atletico Madrid star Fernando Torres suffered a frightful conduct damage after colliding with another actor during a compare opposite Deportivo. He was knocked comatose and carried off a margin on a stretcher, and we’ve got a sum on how he’s doing now.

OMG, soccer can be brutal! Atletico Madrid striker Fernando Torres, 32, got into a horrific collision on a margin Mar. 2 during Riazor. He had only headed in as a surrogate during a one hour symbol when he literally went conduct to conduct in an aerial plea with Deportivo’s Álex Bergantiños. He took a bad strike to a behind of his skull, and things were done even worse when he strike his conduct tough on a belligerent after appearing to tumble unconscious.

Players from both teams immediately satisfied how severe a injury seemed to be, as a diversion was stopped. TV images showed Fernando’s team-mate José María Giménez trying desperately to reason behind tears as he was pacing behind and onward with concern. You can see a horrific collision during a 43 second symbol in a video below, though be warned it is really unpleasant to watch:

Paramedics worked on Fernando and took him off a margin in a bracket and neck brace. He was rushed to Hospital Modelo in A Coruña and underwent puncture conduct scans. The good news is that he’s going to be okay, as a group expelled a matter on Twitter that he was fast and conscious. An hour after they gave a all clear that, “Fernando has undergone a cranial and cervical CT. There are no alterations nor dire injuries,” and that he was, “conscious and lucid, he will spend a night in sanatorium for regard as per medical protocol.” What a relief!

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Fernando himself took to a club’s Twitter comment to appreciate fans for their concern, revelation them it was only a “scare” and that “I wish to come behind really soon.” Whew! After saying how critical a collision was, it’s a spectacle that he’s going to be okay!

Fans immediately took to Twitter to send their prayers and wished him a rapid recovery.

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