Fergie Shares Video of Her Adorable ‘Date Night’ With 4-Year-Old Son Axl Jack

On Sunday, Fergie posted a video montage of a honeyed date night she common with her 4-year-old son Axl Jack during a outing to see a low-pitched chronicle of Aladdin.

“Date night with Axl Jack saying @aladdin” Fergie, 42, captioned a moment.

In a video, Axl can be seen backstage admiring all a treasures Aladdin found in a dried cave, including a sorcery flare a genie popped out of, while “Enchanté (Carine)” —  the strain from Fergie’s new manuscript that facilities Axl on it   plays in a background.

Holding a flare of his own, Axl even tries rubbing it to see if a genie would come out to extend him 3 wishes, though a usually thing that happened was that Axl looked darling while doing it.

At a VIP screening of her visible manuscript in New York, Fergie told PEOPLE that Ax was “the verbatim object we revolve around.”

She also talked about a dual cameos he creates on her Double Duchess album. He adorably sings a opening lines to “Enchanté (Carine)” and creates a tiny cameo during a finish of a visually impediment video for “A Little Work.”

“It was only unequivocally natural. We had designed to only film it either he wanted to come or not — we only missed my son and wanted him to come to set!” Fergie said.


“I was like, ‘Well, we can travel out of a church with him or not, depending on what mood Axl is in. If he’s great and he doesn’t wish to do it, afterwards we won’t do it!’ But he was totally into it, we only done it like a play date,” she added. “We play all a time during home in several costumes per day, so for us it was only another activity. We have a lot of good times!”

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Fergie recently announced her split from father Josh Duhamel after 8 years of marriage.

On a timing of a split, Fergie certified that it was “getting a small weird” for a dual of them to pretend to still be together, though they’re still “great friends” and continue to co-parent Axl.