FBI: Friend bought 2 guns used in rampage

Syed Farook's Sister Speaks Out After California Mass Shooting

NBC News has schooled that early Saturday a FBI searched a Riverside, California home of a male authorities trust creatively bought a attack rifles used in a San Bernardino sharpened uproar that killed 14.

During a search, neighbors say, agents cut open a garage doorway with blow torches, used bomb-sniffing dogs, and temporarily incarcerated a man’s father and younger brother. The man’s father told NBC News Saturday afternoon that he does not know where his son is and declined serve comment.

Click by images from inside a San Bernardino sharpened suspects’ home:

Federal officials contend a dual attack weapons were creatively bought in 2011 and 2012 by a man, pronounced to be a crony of Farook’s, though investigators don’t nonetheless know either Farook gave him a income upfront, or bought a guns from him later.

A neighbor who witnessed a hunt told NBC News that a male and Farook had been tighten friends given childhood though seemed to have grown some-more apart in new months.

An FBI central pronounced Saturday that a male is not deliberate a think in a shooting, and NBC News is not releasing his name.

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