Fardeen Khan and mother Natasha Madhavani sanctified with baby boy

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Fardeen Khan and mother Natasha Madhavani were sanctified with a baby child on Aug 11. The actor took to his amicable media comment and common a news with his fans. The actor took to Twitter and wrote, “We are vivacious to announce a birth of a son Azarius Fardeen Khan who was innate on a 11th of Aug 2017.”

This is second baby of Fardeen and Natasha. Earlier, a integrate became unapproachable relatives of a baby girl, who has been named Diani Isabella Khan. Fardeen got married to maestro actor Mumtaz’s daughter in 2005.

Recently, Fardeen also fell chase to physique shaming. The actor, who was final seen in 2010 film Dulha Mill Gaya, was fat abashed on Twitter for extreme weight gain. However, a actor gave a fitting respond to his haters and also thanked his supporters.

He wrote, “Not ashamed conjunction shamed. Not offended. Not depressed. Not blind either. Am i happy?? Emphatically!!!! Infact, vital a happiest section so distant with lbs to uncover for it.”

“I also wish them to overtly answer to themselves a really applicable question. “would they still feel empowered to goblin if a anonymity offering by amicable media platforms on a internet did not exist???? we have no doubt that 99 % would not have a courage to…….It proves that they are zero some-more than a garland of cowards. we wish they consider about that a subsequent time.” he added.

Meanwhile, there are rumours that Fardeen would make a quip to films with a supplement of No Entry. Director Anees Bazmee has hinted during a sequel, however he has not suggested a names of a actors in a sequel.

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