Fans indignant over ‘missing’ iPhone 7 headphone socket

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The approaching launch of a new iPhone always attracts outrageous volume of conjecture about a design

More than 300,000 people have sealed a petition propelling Apple not to embankment a headphone hollow from a chronicle of a iPhone due for recover this autumn.

Online reports advise Apple skeleton to reinstate a 3.5mm hollow to make a iPhone 7 thinner and some-more waterproof, with some-more room for a battery.

The Fast Company reported it would rest on a Lightning wire port, now used for charging, for sound output.

Others advise Apple will boat a iPhone 7 with wireless headphones.

The Sum of Us, a website “fighting for people over profits”, that organized a petition, said: “Not usually will this force iPhone users to lot out additional money to reinstate their hi-fi headphones, it will singlehandedly emanate plateau of electronic rubbish that expected won’t get recycled.”

Tech website The Verge said: “Removing [the] headphone [socket] from phones is something that nobody is seeking for and has critical drawbacks including bad harmony and accessibility, [and] DRM [digital rights management] audio [ie with built-in copyright enforcement].”

Many complained on Twitter that stealing a hollow would describe costly headphones useless.

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Some complained carrying to use a Lightning pier would meant “no song while charging”.

One tweeted: “I am OK with Apple stealing a headphone [socket] as prolonged as they gold Lightning EarBuds with a iPhone 7.”

Others pronounced that they would not be upgrading.

But not everybody is assured that losing a jack is a bad idea.

John Gruber, who writes a record blog Daring Fireball and is regarded as an management on all things Apple, creates a indicate that losing a jack would make some-more room for a incomparable battery.

“Removing a analogue headphone jack is inevitable. This is what creates Apple different. They will trigger a unpleasant transition for a long-term gain,” he writes.

“In 5 years we’ll demeanour during analogue headphone jacks a approach we demeanour during all a other bequest ports we’ve abandoned.”


Apple introduced support for headphones over a Lightning wire in 2014.

In a same year, it paid $3bn (£2bn) for a merger of headphone builder Beats.

And the Mac Rumours website suggests Apple could be scheming bespoke headphones for a phone.

It remarkable that a heading focus had been filed for a tenure “AirPods” in Oct final year.

And while Apple was not directly related to these applications, a site said, “the settlement of filings is unchanging with Apple’s common strategy”.

If a rumours infer true, it will not be a initial time Apple has deserted what it sees as old-fashioned technology.

In 1998 it expelled a iMac G3 but a floppy disk, withdrawal many doubt a knowledge of a move.

But, only some-more than a decade later, Sony – a colonize of a floppy hoop – announced it was murdering off a storage device.