Factbox about former Netherlands general Johan Cruyff

Johan Cruyff, Cruyff Netherlands, Cruyff Barcelona, Barcelona, Netherlands, Ajax, Cruyff death, Cruyff cancer, sports news, sports, football news, Football Johan Cruyff late from ubiquitous football in 1977. (Source: Reuters)

The following is a factbox on former Dutch ubiquitous Johan Cruyff, one of soccer’s biggest players who has died aged 68.

Born Hendrick Johannes Cruyff in Amsterdam on Apr 25, 1947.

*Cruyff began personification on a streets of Amsterdam and started his career with internal side Ajax where he went on to win 8 Dutch joining titles. He also won 3 unbroken European Cups between 1971 and 1973.

*Lithe, wiry and clever he done his ubiquitous entrance in Sep 1966, scoring in a 2-2 European qualifier opposite Hungary. He was also a initial Dutch actor to be sent off in an international. From 1970, he always wore a series 14 jersey.

*Moved to Barcelona in 1973 for what was afterwards a universe record send price of around $2 million. “The sale of Rembrandt’s Night Watch could not have caused some-more dismay,” commented one Dutch repository during a time.

*He won a second of his 3 Ballon d’Or (now a European Player of a Year) awards in 1973 and in 1974 helped Barcelona win their initial joining pretension in scarcely 15 years. He also endeared himself to locals by selecting a Catalan name for his son Jordi (born 1974) during a time when Spanish was a country’s usually central denunciation underneath a order of ubiquitous Francisco Franco.

*Cruyff led a Dutch inhabitant team, a masters of ‘Total Football’, to a 1974 World Cup final where they desirous a era with their liquid character of play that he once described as ‘controlled chaos’.
They mislaid 2-1 to hosts West Germany after holding a 1-0 lead though he was named actor of a tournament, famed for tighten control and gorgeous cunning with a round including a famous ‘Cruyff Turn’ – a transformation in that a actor with a round plays it behind their possess leg before swerving away.

*He late from ubiquitous football in 1977, a year before a Dutch again reached and mislaid a World Cup final in Argentina to a hosts. He had scored 33 goals in 48 matches.

*In 1979 he changed to a Los Angeles Aztecs in a North American Soccer League and afterwards assimilated a Washington Diplomats in 1980. The bar folded after that year and Cruyff returned to Europe where he played for Spanish second multiplication side Levante and afterwards Ajax (where he won dual some-more joining titles) and Feyenoord (another title). He late in May 1984, aged 37.

*Cruyff afterwards entered management, coaching Ajax to European Cup Winners’ Cup success in 1987.

*He returned to Barcelona as manager in 1988, where he oversaw a arise of a ‘Dream Team’ – a horde of gifted players including destiny manager Pep Guardiola that won 4 true titles between 1991 and 1994. Until Guardiola, he was a club’s many successful coach.

*In 1999 he was voted European Player of a Century.

*Cruyff was a chain-smoker for most of his career though gave adult a robe after a double heart bypass in 1991 while still coaching Barcelona. He subsequently lent his picture to an anti-smoking debate underneath a aphorism “Soccer gave me all though smoking scarcely took it away”.

He was diagnosed with cancer in 2015.